Working Giant Piano [Creation] ( Only)

This is a fully working piano which can be played by stepping on the different keys. It’s a quite basic version seeing as it got just 27 keys (compared to 88 keys for a real piano) and it’s only the white keys which you can play. It’s nonetheless a fun creation to use in case you enjoy playing instruments and want to experience something similar to playing an instrument in Minecraft.

Creator: Jhomes, Twitter Account

How to play the piano?

First off you need to turn on the piano. The reason why you need to do this is because it’s powered by redstone and command blocks. Use the lever on the left side of the piano to do this.

Then just start stepping on the keys to start playing. You must step on the very edge of the keys in order for it to work properly.

Video Preview

Important: This map is limited to beta users only. Android users can sign up for the beta here!

Download .McWorld
Download .ZIP

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19 Responses

4.42 / 5 (12 votes)
  1. NoLeadJustBugs says:


  2. SolidMoney25979 says:


  3. greaat says:


  4. Blizzard says:

    Cool concept. But without the sharp, minor, #, major keys, etc its kinda useless for a pianist or someone who would want to play it

    • NamiG says:

      Its only minecraft dude ^.^.
      Also, sharp and flat notes are there but you have to step in the block in front of the black key instead of the black key itself.
      Oh and theres no such thing as minor and mayor keys, those are chords or scales

  5. NamiG says:

    Awesome!! ^.^

  6. Chris says:

    Guys don’t tell him what to do, it’s on minecraft not real world,I know this youtuber his name is Derpy Jhomes and he’s a Filipino like me.

  7. NetherExplorer78 says:

    Great map!

  8. cs127 says:

    Great map! It doesn’t have any problems or anything. It’s 💯% the best working piano map ever.

  9. TurkCrafter says:

    Very nice map but i hope you know that the map doesnt works only at the Version 1.1 it works at 1.0 too !!

  10. Oyuncu4455672 says:

    I love it!

  11. Frost_Diamond says:


  12. Johncena says:

    I was going to ask my brother to play shape of you with the piano

  13. PusheenDC says:

    Nice Dude!

  14. Pro says:

    Stinks! There Is Nothing In My Inventory I Was Going To Use This For A Map Now Guess What I Cant I Hate You Jhomes!

  15. MrHothead says:

    Can i do a map showcase on this?

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