Worldedit PE (Android)

WorldEdit PE  is an extremely useful tool (or rather mod) suited specifically for people who want to build magnificent creations in Minecraft more efficiently. By using this mod you will gain access to more than 20 different commands and a selection tool which you can use to both edit the world around you as well as add new things to it.

Creator: GhostGaming_HD
Updated: 27 February, 2017


You can find a full list of commands further down on this page. But let’s begin by having a look at some of the ways which you can use this mod in-game.

Do you need to build an Egyptian pyramid? No problems. Use the //hpyramid <block> <size> command to build it. You can customize the block type and size to your liking.

The sphere is another type of structure which you can build by using this mod.

Most of the commands require that you select two positions first by using the wand which looks like a hoe. You must type //wand to get the selection tool though.

Select two corners of the structure which you want to edit.

  • Position 1: Long press the block while holding the wand
  • Position 2: Tap (short) on the block while holding the wand

Once you’ve selected the region then you can use a bunch of different commands depending on what you want to do. In this case I wanted to set all of the blocks in that region to diamond blocks.

Another really useful command is the move command.

Begin by using the wand tool to select the region.

Then use the move command (//move [count] [direction] [leave-block]) to move it. In this case I moved it 20 blocks up in the sky.


This mod is based on the PC mod with the same name. I highly recommend that you check out the wiki for that mod in case you want to read more about the different functions.

  • //center <block>
  • //cyl <block> <radius>[,<radius>] [height]
  • //edges <block>
  • //faces <block>
  • //hcyl <block> <radius>[,<radius>] [height]
  • //hollow <block>
  • //hpyramid <block> <size>
  • //hsphere <block> <radius>[,<radius>,<radius>] [raised?]
  • //line <block> [thickness]
  • //move [count] [direction] [leave-block]
  • //pyramid <block> <size>
  • //replace [from-block] <to-block>
  • //set <block>
  • //sphere <block> <radius>[,<radius>,<radius>] [raised?]
  • //stack [count] [direction]
  • //undo
  • //walls <block>
  • //wand

Important: This mod requires BlockLauncher!

Download (MediaFire)
Download (Dropbox)

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128 Responses

4.33 / 5 (21 vote)
  1. Terrorcore says:

    I seem to have encountered a problem. All the commands work properly, except for anything related to replacing blocks or setting blocks. What I select is getting replaced, but only by empty air. This happens for any block I try. I’m not sure if it’s something wrong with my device, or the mod, or something else, but I would like to know if anyone else has had the same problem.

  2. Erick says:

    Where and how to install this mod? Dropbox link is a 403.

    • Editor says:

      Click “Download (MediaFire)” instead. I’ve asked the creator to upload the Dropbox download link.

      Edit: He said that the Dropbox link works now and that a new update is on the way soon. We’ll update the download links as soon as the new version is available.

  3. dimitar says:

    i’ve loaded the file in block launcher but it says command (something) not found

  4. Rodrigo says:

    Would this mod work on IOS ?

  5. Anthony says:

    And it says this:
    **lots of code – edited out by Editor**

  6. Anthony says:

    *lots of code – edited out by Editor*

  7. brokole says:

    what is the data that i nees to put in i dont get it the wp or the block number or zomwthing like sphere please help me with this qeustion

  8. Sentimeter says:

    Is there a .deb file for this mod? I have MCLoader and MCPE 0.10.4 but for .js mods I am supposed to have ModPE. Honestly, that mod loader completely screwed up MCPE so bad it would crash everytime you’d load a world/make a new world.

    If there is another mod loader for .js mod files and 0.10.4 compatible, or if there is a WorldEdit PE as .deb file, please let me know!

    • Sentimeter says:

      I forgot to mention that i’m on iOS. Anyhow, I will be waitig for help!

    • Editor says:

      I don’t think iOS works for ModPE, that’s the last thing I heard at least.

      • Sentimeter says:

        ModPE is actually like the BlockLauncher for iOS, you know what i’m saying? It works for other people other than me.

        There has to be at least a .mod file for this mod.

        • Editor says:

          BlockLauncher doesn’t exist for iOS as far as I know. My understanding was that ModPE is what the mods for Minecraft PE mods are called. But I am only human and can be wrong too. 😉

          • Sentimeter says:

            Like I said, ModPE is like the BlockLauncher but for iOS only. I didn’t imply that there is a BlockLauncher for iOS. 😛

            @My understanding was that ModPE is what the mods for Minecraft PE was called:

            ModPE is a mod launcher for mods that are .js file types. Kinda the same thing as BlockLauncher if I am not mistaken.

          • Editor says:

            Here is the official ModPE page:

            By my understanding ModPE is the coding language used to program scripts which can be enabled in Minecraft PE with the help of BlockLauncher. And BlockLauncher is as we all probably know only available for Minecraft Pocket Edition at this point.

            Hope that clears it up.

    • Finn says:

      Use BlockLauncher (aka MCPELauncer)

  9. Romel says:

    What do I use to copy and paste. Wouldnt it be the hoe to use or something else?

  10. Sean says:

    I really like this mod, but I am having one issue. I use the copy and paste commands to make building larger things easier but I don’t see a way to rotate or flip something I’ve copied. Is there a command I missed or will that function be added later?

  11. It’s Not working on downloads

  12. Fiona Tan says:

    Need an update? I cant set or replace some blocks like polished andesite

  13. IkarieIrNetto says:

    for anyone asking for IDs of all blocks ,, easily go download toomanyitemsv18 mrArm addon .. there all in one ,,

  14. Allen Dave says:

    Hello. I have a little problem here in terms of region commands. Whenever I execute region commands (e.g: //set netherrack 10) , It always says, too many arguments.
    ~Any help please.

  15. karimos12 says:

    I want to edit my survival world plz

  16. Yann says:

    This Mod for MCPE is an “extension” of this WorldEdit (I guess this one can’t be installed on MCPE?) ?

    Where can we find an exhaustive list of the commands of this mod (with more clear explanations) ?

    Is there an expand command available ?


  17. Yann says:


    /forestgen radius type_of_forest density

    radius: number mandatory

    type_of_forest: text optional

    density: number (<100) optional

    type_of_forest: oak tree regular birch spruce redwood sequoia jungle smalljungle

  18. Fred says:

    I can’t get the hollow dome to work, could somebody tell me the command to make a 1000 block (diameter) glass dome?

  19. spider z says:

    i really like it but… the only thing that i didn’t understand is how to paste…i know how to copy but no to paste…when i finished copying and then writed the command paste it says (number) blocks pasted succesfully…but i don’t see any one block of my house…where did i get wrong?????
    ———”please I NEED HELP 🙁 ——–

  20. Mcpe says:

    How so u instert a name of a block that has spaces in its name? Like //set light_blue_wool or something else?

    • Jose says:

      Block names don’t have spaces, so “light blue wool” would be “wool”. To use light blue wool use “//set wool 35:3”.

  21. Félix Desjardins says:

    //set [block] [data]
    command is false, it should be
    //set [block]
    Can support more then onw argument! Question, do you know the “data”? What can we put in it?


  22. Bcide says:

    The argument is not false. The “data” is the block variant. An example is moss covered stone brick. “// set 98 1 ” the data is usually listed with the item id.

    Are there any plans to get all the original functionality working again? This is the best mod around!

  23. Ellie says:

    How do you set or make walls with a block that has multiple words (i.e. polished andesite or black stained clay)? Can you only use the block ID?

  24. legitgamig says:

    Umm can this be used for 13.0 mcpe??

  25. Jcj says:

    Its not working at my device?! Apple

  26. TheGameDestroyer says:

    It’s so complicated!!!

  27. Kevin says:

    Does this work for Minecraft 15.0, or is a new update for compatibility coming?

  28. Bridge says:

    It doesn’t work for 1.15.2. (at least not for me!)

  29. Mikey says:

    Is there another way to copy and paste or is World edit the only way if this doesn’t work?

  30. Some guy says:

    I click download through media fire,and then once I download it it takes me to a page of script!Can someone please help me to tell me what to do next?Im on IOS

  31. SirHexen says:

    Does this work on the Windows 10 Edition?

  32. DG12345 says:

    How do I use the //forest command?
    I used the selection tool then
    typed //forest oak 0.5 but it doesn’t work.
    Please help me. ToT

  33. San says:

    It’s not working it comes up with a ton of random code in my browser when I try media fire

  34. Swag1010 says:

    How do I download it if I don’t have drop box is there another wat

  35. JetTheBabyCat says:

    Can some one make a world edit for iOS.

  36. Floweytheflower says:

    Why is this for android always!?

    • Enderman PE Official says:

      Because IOS is very restricted and you cannot do something like this on IOS. Even jailbreaking not gonna work

  37. Ishfaq says:

    Can you pleaseeeeeeeee make instant structure or WordPe addon for mcpe iOS? Please Please.

  38. Guesswho says:

    Will this ever be able to become a iOS mod?

  39. Nicotaymundo says:

    Can u do this for ios plssssss!!!!!

  40. Aceattacker says:

    Does the move command still work? Cause it’s not working for me it just say “unknown command”

  41. SuperCat says:

    How do you use the move command? I type in ” //move 20 up ” but I don’t know what to do for the leave-block, and do I do up or vertical?

  42. aimanz7 says:

    I have download it and its dont have all command and its not work properly

  43. Austin37 says:

    You really need to add Rotate to allow the building facing in different directions. I can’t find any World Edit Mods that has rotate for MCPE :/ Please add Rotate! I need it so bad. Let me know.

  44. CheerfulAlly says:

    Hello I need help. As soon as the downloading is done I just tapped it and said cannot open file… Can you fix it please? (Android)

  45. mason says:

    The stack command isnt working for me, I am typing: //stack 1 up

    Am I typing something wrong?

    • Alex says:

      It does not work for me too even thougt i typed the same thing that i type in the pc version of minecraft and there it works but in mcpe it does not work.

  46. Angel-Rose says:

    How do you get it. I looked it up on chrome which is what im on now but there’s no download button or anything, please help, I need this

  47. Anonymous says:

    Can you make a /log log command? Pls

  48. Anonymous says:

    I’d love to know if anyone is working on a version for this that works for Win10?

  49. Trick says:

    None of the links work very disappointing ☹️☹️☹️☹️

  50. OPace2002 says:

    can you make this available on windows ten?, I want iiiiit sooo baaaad

  51. Alex says:

    Every single command works exsept for the stack command it says unnown command how do i fix this problem.

  52. Anonymous says:

    Succesfully select the blocks to be pasted, and when I post them it says it posted the selected blocks… but all that appears is empty air 😢

  53. Op says:

    It says that fix your download and Never fix’s it

  54. DBEAR5366 says:

    Where do I download this Addon and how?

  55. Sam says:

    Hi, I see something with the //paste. When i make a //copy on a position and I make a //paste on an other position, my //paste appears near my new position but not precisely where i make my //paste… If i don’t move after my //paste fail and I make a //undo and another //paste my selection appears near me but on a random new position… I know W-E pc but how does it work ? Sorry for my english, no french support =( thx for all

  56. Renae Munoz says:

    My iPad detected a virus from downloading it.

  57. Anonymous says:

    I am having issues with the move command. I can’t tell if it is just me not performing the command correctly but after I have set the location and perform the command //move 5 5 5 5 0 it tells me that it is an uknown command.

  58. Ayush Patel says:

    Which block launcher should I install

  59. A person you don't know says:

    Dear Editor,
    Can you contact the original creator pls? I just need this pack in an .mcpack format so I can have it. (I use iOS)

  60. dwadwa says:

    can you make it a zip file?

  61. samlloyd says:

    I like it

  62. Mjwilliams says:

    Run into an issue where after doing //wand I get an inventory FULL of wands. If I open the inventory and close it, then the hot bat will only have one. As soon as I go to mine, it replaces the block with another wand. Other than that it works great.

  63. Lex says:

    The download was a just a text file which I can’t open. Did I do something wrong?

  64. Lex says:

    It seems to just a text file which I can’t open. Did I do something wrong?

  65. mfarhim says:

    How to delete block with this world edit

  66. bell says:

    How do I make a wand that looks like a hoe & what’s a hoe?

  67. bell says:

    What’s a hoe & how do I make a wand that looks like a hoe?

  68. Royale gaming says:

    Ios is the worst

  69. Ryanna says:

    I love Minecraft

  70. James Mark says:

    Here’s some new mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition you want to play.

  71. Jake says:

    I can’t use block launcher it keeps crashimg. Any alternatives?

  72. sangerus says:

    can yu add command
    /Biome (Name biomes)
    – savana
    – desert
    – extreme hill
    – mountain
    – the seas temperature
    – jungle
    – cold
    – taiga

  73. Anonymous says:

    Can this be done in a mcpack? So you wouldn’t have to use blocklauncher

    • Dudubomb1143r says:

      No because it would make everything crash your game I tried and had to buy a new phone

    • KingClasher66 says:

      Probobaly, but it wouldn’t use commands, because block launcher codes into the game (not the actual apk, but you know what I mean.) It would probably use other means, and who knows how you’d get the wand…

  74. Siva says:

    Please make one for iOS pe please

  75. Eric720hp says:

    The Dropbox & MediaFire downloads (all the download ways) are both viruses! On MediaFire, once downloaded it said “This file could harm your PC, do you want to keep it or remove it?”. And when I tried Dropbox it gave me… what every sketchy website puts on their website/websites… “MICROSOFT SECURITY ALERT! THIS DOWNLOAD HAS ACCESS TO YOUR CREDIT CARD INFO! (even though you didn’t download it yet, then…) etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc.”. Please close your browser immediately if this happens to you, if you pay attention to it it will then give your device a virus. To be extra safe, restart your PC! (and don’t download this tool)

    • KingClasher66 says:

      Sometimes you can ignore them. I suggest using .ZIP files and winRAR to auto-extract and launch them, honestly, try and find the PC version of the mod unless you have pocket edition on PC (which is insanely hard to get on PC, purely due to hardware differences.)

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