You Are The Enderman Addon

This addon lets you experience the life of an Enderman. Every so often you will be teleported away to a random location. This is definitely useful when escaping monsters but it can also be quite frustrating as you don’t have any control over it. You could look at this addon as a fun challenge for survival mode.

Creator: JacobTDC

How does it work?

There are two major changes to the gameplay. Every 30 seconds you will be teleported to a random location within a 16 block radius of your previous position. Other Endermen will no longer attack you. You can stare straight into their eyes without them ever harming you.


It’s a quite simple addon with not too many features. But as a whole, it definitely lets you experience the life to some similarity to that of an Enderman.



  1. Download Behavior .McPack
  2. Apply pack for a world in-game

Make sure to try out on of the Enderman skins found here!

Click here to download a .ZIP file for this addon!

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43 Responses

5 / 5 (2 votes)
  1. BuggyPig says:

    Cool addon

  2. Llllllllllammmaaaa says:

    Cool. You should have it so when you enter water(or rain) your automatically teleported away.

  3. JacobTDC says:

    If a lot of people want the player to take damage from water, I might update the add-on.

  4. JacobTDC says:

    The whole idea behind this add-on is to be a simple and enjoyable (and slightly frustrating) new component to the game.

  5. Ecksdee says:

    Can you ask the creator to make it so that mobs can’t attack you?

  6. ScarletDevil57 says:

    Itd be cool if you could toggle teleportation (if possible) so that you could make it a hunt gamemode for multiplayer. Survivors versus the person whom is a Enderman. Pretty sure with how add-ons are you can’t do that, but it’d be superb to be honest.

  7. BlazerFire78 says:

    Cool add-on!

  8. Michael says:

    Please add it so when you touch water/rain/lava you teleport away a,d take damage! This would make this add on amazing!

  9. Joseph says:

    This is so amazing!!!
    I really hope it works so notch if you can hear me tell them to make it work please!!!!!!!

  10. Minecraftboy0123 says:

    Can you teleport where ever you want?

  11. BlazerFire78 says:

    Pls make addon You Are The Blaze

  12. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, but Endermans can teleport where they want, can you please update the addon so you can teleport where you want but you will die slowly when it rains or when you touch water

  13. Tristan says:

    You should add a button or something that you hold and it says teleport or something so you can control the teleportation

  14. Suggestion says:

    You Should Make A X-Ray Mod Or Any Sort👍

  15. Listen Linda says:

    Can you make it to where you can tap on the screen to teleport to the place you tapped

    • CrazyLeopard128 says:

      But then if your trying to place blocks, you wouldn’t be able to because you would keep on teleporting where you are trying to place those blocks.

  16. Daniel says:

    Please add water damage

  17. Charmaze says:

    If 0.17.0 (1.0) Minecraft PE comes out on IOS i will try this addon!!!!

  18. Just a tip says:

    Just to give you a tip could you make an add on which you can morph into a mob and live the life of it I always dreamed of minecraft being like that

    • CrazyLeopard128 says:

      There are mods like that on pc, but unfortunately I don’t think it’s possible to do that with addons on PE. Sorry about that.

      • Ethan says:

        Maybe someone can give the ability to morph into another mob in an addon! How about copying and pasting a certain behavior from another mob onto the player behaviors, such as eating grass in an addon that turns you into a sheep? You can also give the player the same amount of health as the mob you want the player to turn into in the Addon, and you can change the player model to that of the mob! I would love to have a behavior where I automatically begin to shoot arrows when close to a hostile mob!

  19. Minehome says:

    Can you do you only teleport when a mob look at you

    • EchoOfDawn266 says:

      Just want to do a scenario here, bear with me. *trying to breed cows* Alright cows, don’t look at me! *cow looks at you* teleports to lava pit* why cow why. Sorry for that.

  20. Superstarzs says:

    This addon sound good but I will only get it if it had the feature of you being 3 blocks tall and taking damage from water and rain

  21. Cool_Rainbow001 says:

    Which is the skin used?

  22. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think this addon works anymore 🙁
    I’m in 0.16.0 and it doesint seem to teleport me

  23. Anonymous says:

    Srry, I’m in v1.1.5 oops…

  24. Anonymous says:

    Will this addon be updated or is it just going to be forgotten?

  25. Aron lockkamper says:

    How do you get de armor?

  26. Van says:

    Can you do when another player looks at you you will lose it and won’t have any control and kill them. So if another players wants to look put a pumpkin on

  27. IMDragonFart says:

    you need to add more to this mod

  28. TheEnderGirl says:

    Mr. Editor can you add enderman particles?

  29. Someone says:

    Can you add a feature where if you touch water, you can die.

  30. CATLORD77 says:


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