YouTubers Skin Pack (1.2 Beta Only)

This skin pack includes 25 different skins used by popular Minecraft YouTubers. Some of the skins included are AGHQ, SethBling, DanTDM and JackFrostMiner. It’s a great pack if you want to to dress up as your favorite YouTuber but also if you just want a really cool skin.

Combined by: martinAJM03

How does it work?

Once you’ve imported the skin pack to your game you will be able to access it by opening the skin picker and then selecting a skin.


  1. Download Skin Pack .McPack
  2. Open the skin picker
  3. Select a skin

You can get a .ZIP file for this pack here.

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42 Responses

4.41 / 5 (12 votes)
  1. Roman Dowdell says:

    Does this support small youtubers? Like me? Hope so

  2. Dagth says:

    This is awesome thank you but can you please add jeromeASF

  3. Snake101 MC says:

    Awesome! How do I apply it?

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. Minecraft Champ says:

    Great skin pack but I have a few skins (2 of them is with a youtuber and the rest are youtubers) Derp SSundee (is one of the 2 i said), Madelyn (SSundee’s wife and the second 2 that I was talking about), Crainer, Thea (crainer’s gf and are engaged), AA12, Xisumavoid, Rendog, Docm (can’t remember if it’s Docm or Docmc), FusionDroid, LancyPooh (yes that’s his mc gamertag and his yt name but the yt names the p is lowercase), paulsoaresjr (finally came back to mc), OMGcraft, X33N, UnstopableLuck (a awesome minecraft console troller), and TrueMU (also known as Minecraft Universe plz add these youtuber skins that I said plz

  6. MUSTY says:


  7. DEHSNEK says:

    iOS is still waiting for 1.2
    When it does get here Ima make sure I get this and the other 1.2 maps and addons

  8. It's a me Mario says:

    Does this Inculde XxJemmaXx?

  9. Darkshark says:

    I love turtles

  10. Wierdtangaming says:

    Can you add moose’s and 09sharkboy’s skin too?please?

  11. ExpodingReaper says:

    Do you put the zip file in resource pack or in behavior pack

  12. jonah says:

    Add Rage elixr

  13. Hasson says:

    How the hell can you have a YouTuber Skin Pack and not have Unspeakable Gaming, MooseCraft and 09sharkboy????

  14. Thomas says:

    Does this include think noodles? also i am on iOS 🙁

  15. CHERRY says:

    pls add thxcya, think noodles, AA12, truetriz, and fuziondroid pls

  16. TTD94 says:

    Could y’all add Only1gamer to this? He’s awesome

  17. Anonymous says:

    add Popularmmos please oh and add Thinknoodles :). There awesome.

  18. KidbloxMiner says:

    Hey guys if you want your skin on there get a file app and replace a YouTube with you.

  19. 110% Gaming says:

    great! more youtubers to but in my mag 😀

  20. 110% Gaming says:


  21. DanTDM says:

    I m in the skin pack!!!

  22. GeoffPlaysMC says:

    Hi McpedlAdmin, I have d updated version that i have added some more skins to that skin Pack.

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