001 Hoi Poi Capsule Addon (1.12)

The addon 001 Hoipoi Capsule, adds 15 entities among which is included the main one that is the Hoipoi Capsule.

This is the first version of the complement, so there are still missing features, such as the generation of structures and some other furniture.

Among the current entities is:

The Hoipoi Capsule 

Only placed on the floor to interact with the decorations and transformed into them

The armchair and the double armchair

You can sit on them to have your moment of relaxation on a night of zombies. 
Two people can sit on the big chair.

The fridge

It has the same amount of space as a chest and you can store your food

The 6 variations of bonsai

6 variations of bonsai with the 6 saplings that exist in the game serve to make your own zen garden.

The chair and the table

Some planks and fences and you can build your own dining room

The lamp (for now it does not shine)

Use glowstone but for now it does not shine, that will be resolved in the next update of the add-on.

Big and Small Wardrobe

Each one has the same amount of spaces as the chest, but they give it a special touch to your decoration.

Log Planks

It is the only extra material and you use them for wardrobe and small wardrobe. It is manufactured with the stripped log.

The trough and the house are being worked on and will be added entities in an update.

Make your best decorations and send me screenshots to Twitter. I hope you like all the people who download it and any advice or criticism please leave it in the comments and I will be reading.

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  • Import the packages
  • Enable the experimental game
  • Enjoy :)


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18 Responses

4.4 / 5 (10 votes)
  1. Star says:

    The table and the tv is to big can you make the w little bit smaller if you do thx

  2. Anonymous says:

    You should add cabinets counters and a oven

  3. Rayjon says:

    This addon was fantastic you had the right link and everything. I especially loved that we could sit in and rotate the furniture. I hope you make more mods like this.😎😎😁😁

  4. Bibulus24 says:

    El addon no trabaja bien con otros addons porque la receta de la cápsula se interfiere con otros huevos

  5. Misael says:

    El mod está super genial, pero cuando crafteo algún mueble y los quiero poner, no me deja ponerlo y cuando crafteo la capsula sale un huevo negro. No se por que o se si sea algún bug 0 Minecrfat

  6. dragon0087 says:

    It worked on 1.11

  7. Bibulus24 says:

    Los ítems son para interactuar con la capsula, interactuas y se transforma

    • Hans says:

      Ah yeah
      I translated your comment
      After that, i read the “story” again

      “Only placed on the floor to interact with the decorations and transformed into them”
      First i did not see this…

  8. John says:

    Looks nice. Well can you please remodel the fridge and wardrobe and add some more furniture.

  9. it's not working 🙁 says:

    the crafting recipe works but.. the only problem is.. i can’t place it.. then i was discovered that it was an entity.. i’m so disappointed..😏😏😞

  10. Junks says:

    That mod is verry verry cool.

  11. Liam TDP says:

    Pls add some TV and computer but still nice add-on

  12. Loyd5X says:

    Good old throw back to DBZ. I hope you continue to update this in the future

  13. i.f ori says:

    for those who wonder where the creator of the addon got the idea for hoipoi capsules, they come from dragon ball. just wanted to share that fact, have a nice day and i hope youre all ok!

  14. Snipin Noob says:

    Looks promising, only problem I am having is not being able to place anything, also the recipes don’t show up, (not sure if that is even fixable) but I thought I should mention it in case it is a bug.
    Also I would love to see the bonsai trees get the ability to grow and give logs, sticks, leaves, and apples much like the Java mod.

    • Hans says:

      For me too
      But i can craft, if i know the recipe, but can not place
      And i crafted “shelves” from 3 logplanks: put them to the crafting table’s top 3 slots
      Able to craft but dos not able to place

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