1.12 Blocks Pack

This is a really cool texture pack which adds all of the new blocks which will be introduced in version 1.12 of Minecraft for PC. It’s still not known when we will see these blocks in Pocket Edition but if you want to get sneak peek already then you can use this texture pack.

The best part about this pack is that neither of the blocks in-game will be replaced. This means that you can use the new blocks without having to worry about losing any of the vanilla blocks.

Creator: Goreckicraft123Twitter Account

How to get the blocks?

All of the blocks (except for wool which will be replaced by the new wool) don’t replace any of the blocks in-game. The downside with this method is that it’s only possible to obtain them by using text commands or using the included showcase map.

Here is a list of commands which you can use to obtain the new blocks. For example, if I wanted to obtain one of the new terracotta blocks then I would need to type the following command:
/give @p red_sandstone 1 5

  • Concrete Powder: /give @p dirt <amount> [2-15]
  • Terracotta Blocks: /give @p red_sandstone <amount> [3-15]
  • Bone Blocks: /give @p quartz_block <amount> [3, 7]
  • Clay Blocks (new color palette): /give @p stonebrick <amount> [4-14]
  • Wool Blocks (new color palette): /give @p wool <amount> [1-15] (replaces normal wool)

Terracotta Blocks (they don’t rotate properly and as a result you can’t create any cool patterns):

New color palette for clay and wool blocks (the new wool actually replace the vanilla wool blocks in-game):

Concrete Powder:

Bone Blocks:


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38 Responses

3 / 5 (2 votes)
  1. vinsensius says:

    why the color is stone im see is not the color dont worry im can fix this im have the same color block but the version is not 1.12 so im fix this

  2. Random guy says:

    Lol what you thought was clay is actually powder 😂

  3. TheMysterisSteve says:

    Oops I didn’t mean to do 5 star but still it’s worth it.

  4. TheMysterisSteve says:

    1.1 has already came out so you don’t need the pack.

  5. Wow man says:

    1.1 already came out so this is useless

  6. Super Rico says:

    Um guys where’s the concretes
    I can’t find it in my inventory
    Plz help

  7. Anonymous says:

    Some of the blocks in the map have the correct texture, but there is no command to get them. How are we able to get these blocks?

  8. xXEnderWalker_YT says:

    Use this link https://YouTube.be/YFwfC8IVO5k ok.😀

  9. Solaris says:

    What’s the id code for the grey clay blocks. Can’t seem to get those two.

  10. Springtrap says:

    Could you please add a .zip file for this pack? That would be great!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Pretty cool

  12. Radoric says:

    Could you do something like this, but with swords? Like, you replace diamond sword 5 with like some kind of godsword? Also, couldn’t you do this with behavior packs?

  13. YourTypicalGamer says:

    IDK Why some people hate this, ITS WONDERFUL

  14. Gabriel says:

    Good Texture

  15. Ayman says:

    Is this a mod or a resource pack

  16. Endernbrine says:

    Yup they are coming in mcpe 1.1 (the next update)!

  17. Somerandomperson says:

    Can you make a zip file download? I wanna edit the Json files to make it compatible with my other resource packs I made! (Which have other colored blocks in them from ids 1-15)

  18. Rodi says:

    Can you tell me how to rotate the terracotta blocks correctly?

  19. Maker of the realistic bows addon. says:


    When the new blocks are coming!

  20. S4/\/\ says:

    The “Clay Blocks” are actually Concrete Blocks! Please fix in article to stop confusion! In 1.12 or 1.1 the clay blocks will not be changed at all these are totally new blocks! By the way great resource pack!

  21. Anonymous says:

    This is really cool but could you tell me how to get all of the blocks? There’s still some blocks that I don’t know how to get like the nether wart block or the magma blocks, maybe you could leave a list In the world?

  22. KingJeff314 says:

    Maybe the concrete powder should be a type of sand so that it is affected by gravity

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, I agree because floating concrete powder is wierd. Also they should make terracota like a pillar or log so it turns

  23. JY GamingMC says:

    Note that clays doesnt have any color updates but it is similar to concrete block not its powder.

  24. Ml70_MCPE says:

    Dude that’s awesome!

  25. Brandon says:

    Yeah,A texture pack that does not replace anything:-)keep up the good work Gokriecraft.

    • cs127 says:

      dirt and quartz and red sandstone and some other blocks are replaced. resource packs can’t ADD new stuff. they always REPLACE. but all these blocks are now released though

  26. Cheeriodude says:

    Thanks =D

  27. PickPlzCreeper says:

    Wow that amazing!

  28. DrTank98 says:

    How do you make it so you can texture the Id of a block?

  29. Xbow003 says:

    Guys these blocks are coming to mcpe to!

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