Published on May 12, 2024 (Updated on June 20, 2024)

1.21 Panorama with shader (Tricky Trials)

This resource pack provides a modified version of the default 1.21 Trial Chamber panorama with shaders applied. The original panorama isn’t bad; it just needed more darkness with glowing lights in the darks to look awesome, adding the shader does that making the panorama significantly more beautiful.

The seed of the original panorama is unknown, so I had to recreate some parts of it manually. However, I managed to locate the exact position where the player was standing when the original panorama was captured. Therefore, the trial chamber looks almost exactly the same as the original. I used the Complementary Reimagined shader to capture this panorama. I tried to create a foggier atmosphere and added bloom effects, adding that glowing look to the lights.

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Added a brighter version that looks more like the vanilla panorama




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I wish I could play all the time that way, but just as long as the panorama has a touch of realism is enough for me.

Good Job!
Thank you 😊 Glad you liked it
I downloaded another texture pack apart from this one and it didn't work either, I think because they were from the same creator, in conclusion the creator of these texture packs doesn't feel like working
Read the description first before complaining. If the resource pack wasn't working, it wouldn't have been accepted here
do I need to use Deferred or ray tracing?
No you don't, as I said in the description, this only changes the panorama