1 HP Heart [Minigame] [Parkour]

In this map you will have to face different levels, where to overcome them you only have half a heart, have fun exploring the levels and trying to overcome them by making special moves. For each level there is a chest to find to collect the object inside


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-"Vision" mode has been added which allows the player to view the map before playing it

-Fixed Mc.World file

-Some levels have been improved aesthetically

-The desert level has been made more complicated than before

-Optimized for new versions


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45 Responses

4.46 / 5 (13 votes)
  1. Guest-2813054786 says:

    This is so Great Map I scream so loud cause i cant find the button in fire map and hill map
    I will post this in the blog

  2. Guest-2192952503 says:

    how did you make it so you start with 1 heart? is it a command if so, what’s the command

  3. Raid games says:

    Hey the mcworld file doesn’t work but its a great map, but nect time can you just use instant damage to get me to half a heart and turn off natural regeneration, it would be quicker

  4. Fredrik says:

    I love this map. But im stuck on lvl with the boots that says something like “I’m not hurting you” but I got an oberview of all the levels and it looked pretty nice. Keep up the good work brother. I like it! The other maps you made is going on YouTube BTW, 😉

  5. CurruptDoge says:

    This Map Is Short But Good

  6. Tarek says:

    I can’t download it

  7. Nicholas says:

    this is the best minecraft map i might just delete all my other map thx for the awesome map ;]

  8. Anonymous says:

    I like it and I play Minecraft a lot

  9. saif says:

    wow this map is amazing the idea is amazing

  10. YT_Drus13 says:

    Thanks for uploading 5is on my bday ;D !!!!

  11. SS.08 says:

    The map itself was well designed, but the entire thing was VERY boring, especially because of the ten second wait before restarting a level, but also because the entire thing is just a bit of overly easy parkour and a find the button map.

  12. HexBomb says:

    wow nice map!, please made another! ?

  13. kehao says:

    Hello, I am a Chinese player.I began to like Minecraft a long time ago.IMap author, I think the map you made is very good,Very challenging.I hope you can cheer up, I will always support you!

  14. GoldFish says:

    Can I do a video on this??!

  15. Ethan says:

    Bro please tell me your real name.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Cool map with nice concept. My one problem was that I am good at parkour but terrible with puzzle maps. I still give the creator props! ?

  17. Goldie says:

    A very nice map. Pretty much microbattles on mineplex when you run out of food..

  18. Plz_Halp_Me says:


  19. superpotatobro says:

    This map looks AWESOME. I will definitely upload to my YouTube channel.

  20. Beast_Godliker says:

    Wow cool

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