$1,000,000 Spectacular AI Mansion (w/ AI Asistant)

The $1,000,000 home, powered with Artificial Intelligence+, modern state-of-the-art design, and useful utilities on the interior on your home! You’ll never want another home for your friend and gamemates again this time!

What a nice landscaping, isn’t it? Your home looks more beautiful with such changes! Or how about this….

Swimming all the time!

In order to prevent unauthorized use of content and infringement, rules were established to regulate:


  • Distributing, sharing, and using on external websites by redirecting to this website for download. 
  • Use for your videos and demos by providing a proper credit and link even without permission


  • Using this map for monetary gain through link shortening websites (Adf.ly, Shorte.st)
  • Revising, renaming and changing some sections of this map without permission
  • Claiming this map as your own on other audience or people 

Shaders on this demo is not under the rules, though still must not be used for revision and claim.

Changelog View more
Terms of Use (ToU) added to prevent content use violations and further issues with the map.

Minor changes

- New banner with involvement of my own YouTube channel. Doing this not only to spread out my channel but also share infos about all of current content on Minecraft. 

Hope you understand and early Happy New Year!


- Added folder for earlier Beta versions of this world (beta 1, 2, 3 and final release)

No more beta - we're here to final, 1.0!

Here are the changelog for this release:

  • Systematic AI - including dynamic lights, Assistant, and alert system.
  • Security way better - with new concrete walls and gates. Roads for easier access.
  • A modern-style garage and open field for activities.

Changes from the last beta release: (for brainstormers)


  • Concrete walls height - increased by one block. Expansion was also made to the southern side.
  • 2020 Island - will be available only for this release. Celebrate the new decade!
  • Road sides were placed with iron bars.

Other minor improvements were added - look out to see!

New decade is coming, then new beta is coming! 

We have fixed the link issue, caused by Mediafire side! 

  • New mansion walls - made of white concrete and two gates on center and side!
  • Talking AI improvements
  • Other minor changes, including new video!

Note: The shaders that are demonstarted here is DSPE Ultra.  The link for this has been posted without monetary gain. 

If you own or have the rights for shaders and you don't want the shaders to be used here - please tell me. Thank you!

We have updated the banner - and no more link issues now, they were already fixed - straightaway download is all you need to do!

Happy Holidays!

Things are up now - with the beta 2 of the million mansion: We've got..

  • The new talking Assistant integrated into the mansion system.
  • Refined mansion design and ceiling. Plus, your lights sync better!
  • We have a tour of our world!
  • Some bug fixes, improvements and polish stuff.

Happy Holidays!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 1.14

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44 Responses

3.18 / 5 (17 votes)
  1. D4rk0ne says:

    The link is bonkers. It’s entirely broken

  2. Kraftoid says:

    Hello. For those who still downloading, this is still working. Although, updates will be discontinue from now on as I focus as a Minecraft Marketplace partner. Thank you for being with me for the past few months, if you enjoyed much of my maps!

  3. Jasmine Bustillos says:

    So I don’t think that the website is safe

  4. Mharion says:

    Works fine to me just follow the instructions

  5. Anonymous says:

    it says that it cant reach the download page. what do I do?

  6. Axi says:

    Fake! Sends me to Roblox or the Minecraft website when clicking the link.

  7. m3tr3cub3 says:


  8. Drew says:

    Thanks for fixing the link! Merry Christmas

  9. Kraftoid says:

    The Mediafire side is causing the link problems – I’m so sorry!

  10. Kraftoid says:

    Hello. In a moment, a new beta along with fix for link will roll out. Hope you understand my usage of link shorteners – to provide better content.

  11. Nate says:

    Download link doesn’t work, and almost got me a virus. Don’t download until he fixes.

  12. rat says:

    Stop making money and give us the direct link to the download

  13. NathanGamerTV1212 says:

    Yah the download links still aren’t working

  14. can u please just give the MediaFire link because it looks like an awesome map but adfly isn’t supported by my pc virus thing and I don’t have facebook. Also I cant use the app cuz I’m on pc and there’s no way I can play the map. I understand that adfly works on ios and android but it doesn’t work on pc. plz help

  15. Anonymous says:

    How about you actually change the link instead of reusing the same one.

  16. Kraftoid says:

    Had issues with link: the latest one is here: http://ducolomal.com/1zLT

    So sorry!

  17. Kraftoid says:

    Download the first link instead of the second one. Sorry for the conflict, hope you understand. Thank you!

  18. r u on android cuz shader dosent work with my compuer

  19. Kraftoid says:

    For the shaders, I’m using DSPE Medium, but it’s nowhere here in the website. You have to dig it up from Google.

  20. Kraftoid says:

    If you have trouble downloading on the map and you really wish to download, you can DM me at my Twitter @imkent13 and I’ll send you the Medialink link for that! Hope you understand the usage of link shorteners for my gaming needs!

  21. seandaboii says:

    I’m sorry but you’re copying PocketKent

  22. Minecrafter mobile says:

    What shader do you use for the image?

  23. Kraftoid says:

    It seems that the link is not working for some, but for my self testing it works. Please reply here if you encounter troubles on downloading.

    • ANP says:

      Did you do on iOS like on a iPhone or iPad? Cause it’s not working for us iOS users!? Plz help

    • John Doe says:

      C an you (and other creators) PLEASE stop using link-shorteners like ad.fly? It makes your downloading experience 100x worse and slower, and in some cases impossible to download what seems like a good map/mod/texture pack.

      • Anonymous says:

        What other link shorteners do you suggest? They use these ads to make money, I don’t think they would simply take time out of their day to create a project this amazing just because, they need a reward, ads help give them money so quit complaining and be glad they actually took the time out of their day to create a map this amazing.

      • Kraftoid says:

        I can provide here the link, Mr. but the point of my content is not just only as hobby but also to fulfill up my gaming needs. Hope you understand me well, thank you!

  24. Minecraftman says:

    What shaders did you use?

  25. Anonymous says:

    What shader did you use for the photos?

  26. Good shaders says:

    What is the name of the shaders

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