10 Second Trivia Two [Minigame]

How much do you actually know about Minecraft PE? 10 Second Trivia Two lets you test your knowledge by answering 20 different Minecraft PE trivia questions. But since there’s a 10 second timer you’ve got to be quick with the answers to be able to move on to the next level. It’s a really fun challenge which at times gets very intense since you’re always running against the clock!

Creator: Geoman, Twitter Account

How to play?

Use either of the two buttons to select an answer to the question you are presented. You’ve got 10 seconds to answer. If you fail to answer in time (or give the wrong answer) then you get killed.

You can return to the last unlocked level by getting some speed boost and then run there.


  • Play on survival mode
  • Play on peaceful
  • Don’t break blocks

Download .McWorld
Download .ZIP

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13 Responses

4.25 / 5 (8 votes)
  1. WhyDoIDoThisToMyLife says:

    Did you test the question about the minimum blocks to get fall damage? Because you said it was 3 blocks, I tested it on my own, it’s 4 blocks I believe. So, why did you say it’s 3 blocks when it was 4 blocks? Actually, you probably jumped to do it.

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. james says:

    wow i tried this map and it is so awsome

  4. MCPEDL says:

    Enjoy having this Link?

  5. Cat lover says:

    I really enjoyed playing this and you can change the questions for friends.:) fun quick map

  6. Finlay Brittain says:

    I love trivia maps

  7. DarkEnderKnight says:

    These questions were a little too easy for me.

  8. DarkSide_14 says:

    Hey geoman love the map it was awesome but one bad thing is that you should put pressure plates instead of buttons because it took me about 14 levels to figure out how to get through the door and that was looking at the button whilest pressing it walk sideways….. Anyway first time I’ve played your maps and pretty good
    Thx plz take my word PRESSURE PLATES and do /gamerule commandblockouput false plz

  9. I_Am_Dog says:

    Editor, what is your real name? (You don’t need to put last name. Actually, you don’t have to reply.Pls do though)

  10. Lament says:

    Editor, I accidentally submitted a skin that has no image or description! 0-0 How do I cancel it?

  11. Bang toyib says:


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