10 Smart Redstone Creations [Redstone]

Here’s a map which includes 10 smart redstone creations. All of them are incredibly useful and if you learn how to build this we can promise you that some things will get a whole lot easier in Minecraft and you will also be able to progress much faster in survival.

Creator: HeatDroid (credits for each invention is given in the map)

The map includes items found only in version 0.14 of Minecraft Pocket Edition. This means it’s limited to 0.14 players only.

How do the machines work?

The Auto Nether includes two buttons (open and close) on each side of the machine. Tap on either of the buttons to open/close the Nether portal.


The Trash Bin can be used for throwing away items which you no longer need. Simply put the throw away items in the chest and they will be destroyed.


Begin by placing a door at the sign which says so. Then use the levers to input the right code to open the door.


The Automatic Farm helps you to more efficiently harvest your crops. Let’s say you are growing wheat. Simply wait for it to finish growing then tap on the button to harvest it. The harvested wheat can then be found in the chest.


The Auto Steak machine include two buttons. The top one should be used to generate cows. Then tap on the second one to make steak of them.


The Secret Door is only possible to open by throwing items on the poppy flower. More items thrown on the poppy results in a longer time the door is being opened.


Watch SethBling’s video here to understand how this machine works.

Personally, I didn’t get this machine to work. But perhaps you can figure out how it works and let us know in the comments.


Make sure you wear some armor and then step into the wardrobe.


Switch on the lever to start duplicating the sunflower item.


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22 Responses

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  1. prestonfanforever1739 says:

    Can this have a Mediafire link please? The Mediafire links are the only ones I can use

  2. IlikeToCringe says:

    Is it even smart

  3. AnyGamesPE says:


  4. Luke says:

    (The 6th one from the top) try pushing mine cart into block underpoppy then put a hopper under the blockthen do a lobe of hoppers to where ever it needs to go put comparator by the hopper then repeater and hock it up to door done easy

  5. Luke says:

    This is easy red stone I thought it would be big buff creations like calculators and all that stuff (that’s my league in red stone I’ve made a 1-2 player tic tac toe I even made a machine that guesses that guesses you age and with ever number your thinking I could do this stuff in my sleep

  6. SuperDragonRider says:

    So cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. eryk says:

    Love this map and love the update

  8. sharviin0206 says:

    Why when im downloading it goes to adfly

  9. DarryKoh says:

    Such a good map,great job!I will do a review your map on YouTube,subscribe me on YouTube!

  10. JackFrostMiner says:

    Hi Guys, This Map is Awesome I hope you Download it!

  11. Sky fire boy says:

    What version of this build? I just download and it say , a newer version of the game has seved this level ,it cannot be loaded

  12. Albertshu says:


  13. Jacob Duckworth says:

    Great job

  14. Sami says:

    Is this only for v.0.14?

  15. Endergon says:

    The Item Frame Code has 6, 4, 2, Code Right? SOO.. If you look carefully on the redstone circuits in each back from the frame the BLOCK has same amount as the telled a code to open the door. The wrong one is the ITEM FRAME with AXE which has 7 block instead of 6. I tried to delete the Oak wood block and then become 6 block and place the Redstone Torch like before. When i change the position item like the shown code (e.g. Sword 2 Times) it Worked!. The problem is there 1 more block in Axe Item Frame that make seven instead of Six. Maybe that is the problem ( i’m not good at English 😀 Cause i’m Indonesian )

  16. bonemeal says:

    Wait did the 14.0 update come out yet

  17. Hyper0952 says:

    U should rename it to 10 Useful Reds……
    Some of the just use simple redstone

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