12UN [Parkour] [Minigame]

12UN is a speedrun/parkour map. This map consists of 12 very challenging levels with you having only 12 seconds to complete each one. Let’s see if you can complete all 12 levels and acquire all 8 achievements. Note that this is a single player map. Oh, and it’s highly recommended that you use a keyboard and mouse as it’ll be impossible to play this with touchscreen controls.

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  • Changed to a MEGA download link to fix the issue of file being downloaded as a .zip file instead of the intended file format on mobile.
  • Changed to a QR Code instead of a download link to claim the prize when player successfully beats the map.
  • Avoided usage of link shorteners so you have a clear and safe journey to get to our content.
  • Fixed a bug and updated a few minor things to do with the endgame.
  • Changed to a MediaFire download link instead of a direct download.


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16 Responses

4.8 / 5 (5 votes)
  1. Anonymous says:

    i have a bluetooth mouse and a wired keyboard which i used an adapder and it worked perfectly on pe.

  2. RealCJPLAYS says:

    Is it available in tablet with an Xbox controller?

  3. Also, what are all of the achievements?

    • flugxe says:

      There are 8 achievements in total, so here’s the list:

      – Who Needs That? : Acquire the Rule Book.
      – Know Your Creator : Watch the Credits.
      – Gone Astray : Use the shovel.
      – Baby Steps : Complete your first level.
      – Hardcore Parkour : Complete all 12 levels.
      – Eenie Mini Miney More? : Unlock mini levels by acquiring the Hardcore Parkour achievement.
      – Mini Me : Complete all 12 mini levels.
      – Overachiever : Acquire all achievements.

  4. AMAZING. Honestly, very high quality, a lot of fun, and extremely challenging, and achievements! There aren’t a lot of maps as polished as this and I love it. As a fellow creator, I’d like you to maybe also try my map. Dungeon Escape. It too is very high quality and I think you’ll like it. One more time I gotta say, I love this map.

    • flugxe says:

      HEY, thanks a lot for playing our map!!! Really happy to know that you enjoyed it even though we know how difficult of a map it is. Appreciate your compliments on our map. All that time and effort really pays off when people notice all the fine details we added to make it a polished product. We’d like to keep our content at this quality, so make sure you keep a lookout on our upcoming projects. Oh and we’ll definitely give a try on your map!!!

  5. Xenon says:

    Impossible for Touch Screen devices? Let’s see about that.

  6. StarEmpress1005 says:

    I cant download it

    • flugxe says:

      Hi, we’ve tested the download link on multiple devices and it worked fine for all of them. Can you describe to us about your issue further? Or perhaps tweet us about it @flugxe?

  7. flugxe says:

    *Creator’s Note*
    When you download the update, do note that it will not replace the old template. Which means you’ll have two versions of the map; 1.11.4 being the old version and the updated one should show 1.11.5. You can delete the old template file by going your file manager and navigating to com.mojang > world_templates and deleting the file named “12UN.”

  8. Wit says:

    Why can’t we play with touch screen controls?

    • flugxe says:

      It’ll be impossible. The levels in this map are very difficult, and require fine and precise controls to complete that you can’t get with touch screen controls. That’s why you’ll need a keyboard and mouse for this

  9. Carlos says:

    hi good addon

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