1407545546: Largest Snow Taiga

This is the largest snow taiga so far found in MCPE. If you would position yourself in the center of it it’s very likely you’d be lost for hours in it unless you used a mod like the Waypoints mod, but lets assume you wouldn’t cheat!

You don’t actually spawn exactly in the snow taiga biome but very close to it (basically on the border of it). Get up on the hill on your right and then you are in it so it’s not really a far walk.

Seed: 1407545546

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  1. Codude8 says:

    Lol😂 this👆 seed🍃 is👆 so💥 rad✌ i💩 reccemend💢 it🙌

  2. Nacho says:

    DEAP Jungle island

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