1408106526: Epic Mountain Villages & A Floating Island

When you spawn turn just a little bit to your right and you should see large extreme mountains. To get to the first actual village you need to get on the top of the mountain either by flying or climbing up there. On your way up to the mountain top you’ll see a farm positioned inside the mountain.

Once you are up on the top there you will find multiple little houses, farms, villagers and even a few sheeps which accidently keeps falling off the top.

Then there is a secound village located on the lower grounds behind the huge mountain which you just climbed or flew up to.

If you care to walk even a little bit further past the second village you will actually find a third village which also got parts of it positioned inside the mountain!

And last but not the least you will find an (almost) floating medium sized island.

Seed: 1408106526

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2 Responses

  1. rui says:

    so much detail

  2. Unicorn666 says:

    Been playing this seed for weeks. So far have 33 villages, mesa biome with mineshafts and full of gold, ice biome, lots of emerald, 2 maybe 3 end portals in strongholds with huge libraries. Every day we’re finding more stuff. We’ve connected all the villages by at least 1 rail line so can move around them easier but still tons to explore.
    We’re currently building our own houses out of clay not far from the mesa biome in an area full of flowers, a lava waterfall and several normal waterfalls.
    Absolutely great seed

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