1411648432: Glitched Triple Village

The spawn is quite boring with a plains biome infront of you and the starting point of an extreme hills biome behind you if you swim across the river.

To get to the triple village turn to your left and walk straight ahead. Soon enough you will see the beginning of a swamp biome and a little bit to your right will the village be.
ScreenShot029One weird (but useful) part of the village is the double blacksmith. It is two blacksmiths which are generated are joined together.


Both the first and second chests in the blacksmiths got the same things: obsidian, iron, bread & ink sacs.

The next weird construction is the village house on top of another village house making it appear as a larger villa.


The last known glitch about this village are the lily pads which have been generated on the wooden path/bridge in the swamp biome. As some of you maybe know lily pads can only be placed on water normally.

Seed: 1411648432

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  1. Minecraft is better than Roblox says:

    Amazing i love it so much!!!

  2. jeffyjay says:

    Really weird and glitches out seed if u go quite far from the village there is 3 woodland mansions stacked on top of each other

  3. Madie says:

    Wow this is amazing I love it!!!


    there”s also a dungeon located in the 2nd well in the combined house of librarian and the butch the dungeon spawn zombie dig straight down and you will fall into the cave turn yourself into the right and you will see the dungeon.


      there two dungeon the 2nd dungeon is located to the cave in the broke road in the village when you found your self in try to straight to the left then 6 pathways up ahead try to turn left and you will see the granite 2 path are located you will see the granite floating in the cave with water on it then go straight ahead some of them have zombie’s walking trough

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