1421187178: Marvelous Mountains

WHAT IS THIS? Like this is so freakin’ huge right here. That’s the words Nexy, the famous MCPE Youtuber, uses to describe the seed and we completely agree.

At first the seed doesn’t look very special but just hold on! Lets assume that you are in creative mode then just fly straight up a little and then straight ahead and little to your right you should see the beginning of some epic mountains, but lets wait with that a little and have a peek at what’s closest to spawn.

If you turn to your right, still standing at where you spawned, you will see some more epic mountains.

If you make your way through the mountains either by going through one of the openings or going above there will be tons of other amazing views to see.

Lets head on to the mountains we saw in far in the beginning of this seed showcase.


As you get closer more mountains, floating islands and epic overhangs start to appear.


It’s definitely a seed worth exploring the ins and outs of!

Seed: 1421187178

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