1424215514: Cave Spawn & Diamonds

Cave spawns are rare and so are diamonds. In this seed you will get a combination of both. Before getting on with the little mining adventure we highly recommend to go above ground first and grab some wood blocks so you can make yourself an iron tool first as there are lots of iron ores laying around in the cave system.

When you have spawned you will see some coal blocks in front of you. Behind you there will be a pool of lava. But continue by walking right.

screenshot-2015-02-23-11-59 screenshot-2015-02-23-12-00

Soon enough you should see some water. Walk past the water to get to the diamonds

screenshot-2015-02-23-12-00_2 screenshot-2015-02-23-12-01

Here you will be able to mine a total of 5 diamond ores. Remember to use an iron pickaxe or better to mine them because otherwise you won’t get the diamonds.


Next make a turn to the left and you will see some more lava flowing in your direction. Walk over there and you should be seeing some diamonds in the ceiling of the cave.

screenshot-2015-02-23-12-02 screenshot-2015-02-23-12-02_2

Here you will be able to mine 4 diamond ores and some coal.


Seed: 1424215514

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3 Responses

  1. ender-fan says:

    for me I find dimonds all the time…well I do mine a lot

  2. Naomi Erlanger says:

    It didn’t work for me and I was using PE

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