1427088781: Surface Dungeon

Here we’ve got an incredibly unique seed which features a surface dungeon just a few blocks ahead of spawn. It’s really epic and definitely worth checking out!

To find the surface dungeon just walk around the tree in front of you and you will see it.

surface surface2

The surface dungeon consists of a skeleton spawner and two chests.


In the chests you will find lots of strings, wheat, some bread and gunpowder and some iron ingots.


Seed: 1427088781

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5 Responses

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  1. DARKKNIGHT says:

    not that good

  2. harrypotter says:

    best seed ever i went on survival and lured a mob into sun so it dies got some arrows went into one chest got lots of string and iron ingots and then got wood made craft table and then made some planks and sticks made a sword killed the mob spawner and with bones found a wolf but it sadly died

  3. This is the best seed ever!!!!!

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