1432398557: Three Villages & A Mineshaft

This is a seed which have three different villages where two of the villages are a double village. Two great features of the villages are that you will find both a blacksmith and a mineshaft.

When you have spawned turn to your right and walk in that direction for a while, cross the river and you will get to the first village.


To get to the two last villages which are actually a double desert village you only have to go around or over the savannah mountain on your right.


As soon as you have passed the mountain you will see the double village. In the one village closest to you there will be a blacksmith and in the chest you will find the following items:

  • 2 obsidians
  • 1 iron leggings
  • 2 bread loaves


In the village farthest away from spawn in the double village find the well and then dig straight down there and you will drop down into the mineshaft.

screenshot-2015-05-29-10-42 screenshot-2015-05-29-10-42_2

Seed: 1432398557

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  1. Sylexia says:

    Hi there Mcpedl staff. I found an awesome seed. It has an uncountable amount of villages ALL in one sand biome. I really can’t count them as they all look very similar, as well as many desert temples in the same biome. You spawn on the edge of a sunflower plains and desert biome. The desert biome, when you look at it, has a few weird overhangs with some brown mushrooms under them. Ignore the overhangs and continue further. At first glance, there isnt much. However, as you progress a little, villages start popping up randomly as well as desert temples. THere are many diamonds in the temples. In the same biome, there is also a small mineshaft at diamond level- there was even an exposed diamond ore on the roof of the mineshaft and some redstone, gold and lapis. The seed is ‘-1235396494’, and it is found on a BETA version of mcpe (0.15.9). However, a drawback is that i couldn’t explore further than the desert biome, as it extends very far and encompasses most of the plains biome you spawn next to (there is a small skeleton dungeon in the plains biome but the loot is poor). Whenever i try to explore further, my device crashes. Hopefully, you will include this awesome seed (-1235396494) on your website. Thank you.

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Jen says:

    In 13 this has 4 desert temples, as well!

  4. TheXzgamerXz says:

    Thanks for giving me credit

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