144089: Diamonds & Mineshaft Under Spawn

The spawn is on an island in a small lake not far from an amazing extreme mountains biome. But that’s not what we’ll focus on in this seed review.

Instead we will have a look what’s hidden deep underground!

The spawn is on top of a tree. Dig straight down from where you are standing through the leaves, dirt and soon stone until you drop into a cave.


Right there you will be able to see a diamond ore.


Do some digging around that ore to find the second time. Be careful when getting the diamonds because if the mined ores get in contact with lava they will be destroyed.


Head a bit further into the cave system and you will see a lavafall like the one in the image below. Behind it you will find the beginning of a mineshaft.

diamondmineshaft4 diamondmineshaft5

Seed: 144089

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