16 Useful Farms [Redstone]

This map features 16 different farms for 1.1+ that can be used in a survival world. They all can be built in a world without cheats (You don’t have to use the mob spawners in the mob grinders.) Note that some farms do use gamerules like mobGriefing and doDaylightCycle.

Some of the creation involve holding down a button on your mouse and can only be used with the Windows 10 edition. Also note that although it says 15 farms, there are actually 16. (The creator accidentally put 6 twice.) A teleporter was also included to divide the crop & animal farms from the mob grinders.

Creator: IHave1Dollar

  1. A small chicken farm that involves doDaylightCycle to be set to true
  2. A mini general mob farm that will hold mobs so they can be bred and get cooked. (doDaylightCycle=true)
  3. A general crop farm that will automatically grow crops and harvest them as you strafe to the side
  4. A mini sugarcane farm
  5. A mini pumpkin/melon farm
  6. A mega mob farm similar to the mini one but has more mobs and has a manual mode to kills mobs with a looting & fire aspect sword
  7. Another smaller sugarcane farm (doDaylightCycle=true)
  8. Another smaller pumpkin/melon farm (doDaylightCycle=true)
  9.  A fully automatic general crop farm (wheat gives bread) (mobGriefing=true)
  10. A fully automatic wheat farm (mobGriefing=true)
  11. A flower farm that duplicates 2-tall flowers
  12. An afk tree farm that pushes the tree logs into an “easy collection” area (Windows 10 edition only)
  13. An afk cobblestone generator that gives you pickaxes as you mine (Windows 10 only)
  14. An iron farm that produces and grinds iron golems
  15. A music disk farm (does not work yet, as we don’t yet have music disks)
  16. A normal small mob grinder that uses lava to kills mobs


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15 Responses

4.11 / 5 (9 votes)
  1. Chaosmuncher says:

    Hey grreat builds I even combined the bread and wheat farms

  2. Idontplayroblox says:

    I spawned in the middle of nowhere I have no idea where the farms are😓

  3. Minecraftien111 says:

    Any alternative to replace the end rod ? (the white light and purple thing)

  4. Minecraftien111 says:

    Cool map, instant click on it
    The title says it all 😉

    Note about Mediafire: i dont know why but sometimes i need to click a lot of times on the green mediafire button

  5. luka says:

    good maps i see except iron farm bro it is.not efficient . bro i aski you to make more efficient farm ( like tango tek has on hermitcraft ) i will be happy if you reply what you think of that

    • Draven says:

      Tango Tek’s farm is based on village chaining. That is, having multiple villages close to one another which is not possible in mcpe

  6. GamesAddict says:

    Very laggy

  7. Redpowerranger001 says:

    Cool. This should say (1.2 Beta Only) though because music discs are in the 1.2 beta.

  8. Megahammy says:

    Great map, just used it in a video and had a great time looking around it, thank you for making it!

  9. IHave1Euro says:

    Cool map

  10. Pistonmix says:

    It says “Authorize download”

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