-1636982312: Group of Small Islands

This is the perfect survival island seed as it offers not just one island, but several. Each of the islands in the seed got its own unique use which can you use to your advantage. For example on one island you can find more wood and on another get some pumpkins.

This is the island which you will spawn on. It is a very small island with only four trees on, but probably enough wood to create your first house.


Nearest the island which you will spawn on are three smaller islands where one of the island supports more trees. So further on in your survival adventures you can go there by boat (assuming you’ve got 0.11.0+) and get the wood.


A bit further away from the island you spawned on are two larger islands. The island on the left got a couple of pumpkins which you can grab and bring back to your own island and perhaps start planting pumpkins.


Seed: -1636982312

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