1960’s Shader (Win10 or Android Only)

This is a Shader Pack whitch makes Minecraft like 1960’s Black and White graphicks.

This Shader supported on Win10 or Android so is not works well on iOS!

Enjoy your 1960’s world!!!

Screen shots in The HIVE.

Changelog View more

Ver . 1.0 : Release.

Ver . 1.1 : Added "Shaders" tag.


Click "Download 1960's Shader".

Click "Download" on Mediafire.

Import Resource Pack on Minecraft.



Supported Minecraft versions




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15 Responses

4.9 / 5 (10 votes)
  1. INEEDANAME says:

    thx this his bet

  2. 10/10 great but i dont like my minecraft being black and white lol

  3. RobeeSeth says:

    some real classic graphicks!

  4. Jake_CCz says:

    Can you make a Colourblind shader?

  5. GXholeCraft_Official says:

    Very Good
    Try Making A Foggy Shaders

  6. Msrs_ says:

    Very cool Shaders I haven’t seen smth like this before but Water is too transparent can u fix it?

  7. CubicPlayzMc says:

    I like this shader very much but is there a way to make the particles the same color? I would appreciate if you could make the particles look 1960 I would really like you to make it in an update

  8. Stick Boy says:

    Yes, you have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this, Thank you.

  9. AngeloWanted says:

    Very epic

  10. CubicPlayzMc says:

    Woah this shader reminded me of PatarHD vid!

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