1v1 Kit PvP Custom Map

This custom PvP World (made by me), has multiple kits to choose from. Together you and a friend can battle it out until one of you is victorious! With easy instructions, the map is super easy to follow. Have fun and try not to rage!

-Clean simple respawn point

-Multiple Kits to choose from

-Easy to reset the map with one button

-Find the hidden room!


Click the .mcpack file listed here and it will import directly into minecraft!


Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. NeonDogMCPE says:

    Where can i get the “Viper 16× Revamped” Texture pack? The texture pack is soo good

  2. Map looks very well made. I hope your map succeeded in the long run and keep doing what you’re doing. 😀

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