2004-SCP Addon

2004-SCP is an addon ambiented in the SCP Foundation universe, and I created it for my upcoming SCP Site-19 2004 map, which I will upload here. This addon adds SCP Foundation items, anomalous items and entities, and [REDACTED]. If you want an SCP experience in MCPE this is your addon.

This addon is 


It includes most of the SCPs found in SCP – Containment Breach, some retextured blocks to make the map look good and some non-anomalous items.
SCP-008 Infected: It will give you slowness.SCP-049: It will summon SCP-049-2 instances.SCP-066: It will make loud noises.SCP-096: It will chase you if you look at its face.SCP-106: It will give you nausea.SCP-173: It can move very fast.SCP-372: It can move very fast and it will poison you.SCP-513-1: It can fly and pass through walls.SCP-178-1: It will spawn if you put on SCP-178.SCP-682: It is very powerfull and it will attack everything.SCP-860-2: It will stalk you.SCP-939: It will make Villager noises.SCP-966: It is invisible.SCP-1048: It will make high pitch noises.SCP-1499-1: It will attack you if you attack it first.Anomalous Duck: It will teleport and it will make saxophone noises.SCP-035: If you put it on it will give you hunger.SCP-178: If you put it on SCP-178-1 will spawn.SCP-427: If you put it on it will give you some protection.SCP-1499: If you put it on it will give you blindness.SCP-500, -714, -012 and -1025: They will give you different effects.SCP-420-J: It will give you slowness.The FN P90, Ammunition, First Aid Kit and a Quarter.The 5-level keycards.The Hazmat Suit.The SCP shield.Acid for SCP-682’s containment.Ajoura – SCP Theme disc.SCP-1162, a chest, a lantern and some drawers.SCP-205 and a camera.SCP-079.The retextured paintings.Retextured signs.Retextured doors.And the warhead.

Changelog View more
  • Some things corrected
  • More true textures to Minecraft
  • New sounds added
  • Now the items and entities modified by the addon have custom names, but only in english
  • Upgrated SCP-049 texture
  • Changed redstone lamp texture

  • Improved SCP-173 texture
  • Conduit texture changed
  • Now the pack is lighter
  • Now SCP-049 summons SCP-049-2 when the player is near it.
  • SCP-049-2, 008 and 106 no longer can spawn as babies.
  • SCP-1048 always spawns as a baby.
  • Now the health of the SCPs makes more sense.
  • Now the barrel looks like drawers 
  • New texture for the birch door 
  • Now the crafting table looks like SCP-1162 
  • New sounds for SCP-173 
  • Fixed SCP-682's shadow
  • Fixed the duplicated pack error in which the addon wasn't installed because MCPE detected it as an already existing pack
  • New installation details
  • Added SCP-178-1: it is spawned if you put on SCP-178 (Take it off inmediatly after putting it on or it will cause a lot of lag)
  • Now SCP-049's attack is very powerful, and 682's attack is more proportional
  • If you put on 035 or 1499 they will give you negative effects
  • If you have 012 or 1025 in your hand they will give you negative effects
  • New textures for the scaffolding, the Hazmat Suit and SCP-1499
  • Added SCP-513-1 (Replaces Vex)
  • Added SCP-427 (Replaces Diamond Chestplate)
  • Added Anomalous Ducks (Replace Chickens)
  • Now SCP-096, 106 and 682 can break iron doors (Enable mob griefing)
  • Now SCP-682 and 966 can pass through 2 high gaps
  • Now SCP-049 has more health
  • Added SCP Foundation style loading screen with custom messages and music
  • New textures for some blocks and items.
  • New signs: White (Normal), green (Safe), yellow (Euclid) and red (Keter)
  • Added SCP-860-2 and SCP-1499-1 
  • Added First Aid Kit and changed texture for the lantern 
  • Changed SCP-106 sounds 
  • Upgraded description 
  • New images


Just open the archive, if it does not open copy it to the com.mojang folder and open it there. Minecraft will open and import the behavior and resources.  
IMPORTANT: Every time you download a new version of the addon you do this before installing it:   
First go to games, com.mojang, resource_packs and delete the resources for the addon.   
Next go to games, com.mojang, behavior_packs and delete the behaviors for the addon.   
Then go to games, com.mojang, minecraftWorlds, the folder of your world and then you delete the folders behavior_packs and resource_packs.   
Finally you reinstall the new version.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.11 1.12 1.13

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506 Responses

4.6 / 5 (207 votes)
  1. Guest-8867878269 says:

    This addon is crappyx9999999999999999999999999 compared to bendy the demons mod. He actually makes them look and do the features unlike you, you just draw over an animal change spawn egg and make different sound for it. Like I said crappy.

    • Guest-7400558175 says:

      who cares? nobody needs people like you to criticize them, plus, if you have to, do it nicely.
      “Crappy addon” they probably put a lot of work into it, not for dickheads like you to come in and criticize them, if BendyTheDemon18’s addons are better, use them! I would ask you, “how would you feel if someone told you this,” but you’ve definitely never made an addon before so you’d say, “I would’nt care.” Don’t be someone like this guy, at least criticize, nicely.

    • Guest-9152879544 says:

      Actually, I would care. I might not take it badly, but I’d definitely do my best to go up to expectations.

  2. Guest-7244052700 says:

    This mod is awesome and I love it! But there are a few things that could be added to make this mod even better.
    1. Add in the rest of the SCPs from Containment Breach and Ultimate Addition such as SCP-457, 409, 005, 294, 006, 999, 963, 1499, 895, 020, 109, and 207.
    2. Add in some news blocks. Maybe a block for 106 that keeps him in containment.
    3. Add some new items. Gas mask, night vision goggles, Retexture book and quill to SCP document, and retexture the maps to the S-NAV.
    4. Try redoing the behaviors of the SCPs. Most run up to a door and stay there until they open up. And for 173, the behavior isn’t like the actual game. Maybe make him move like in SCP:CB.
    5. Finally, SCP-178 spawns to many 178-1s. Maybe decrease the number.
    Other than that, I love it!

  3. Mark Cailang says:

    Hello Can I repost the addon and give you credits?

  4. Guest-8991223104 says:

    SCP 682 kills every thing in one hit… why

  5. Guest-5606841458 says:

    👎🏽 Scp 513 isn’t like that all the reptiles don’t look like they are in this mod 😡🥵🥵🥵

  6. User-8917517740 says:

    Dude add scp-407 pls it would be really cool

  7. Anonymous says:

    Great Mod but where are the textures?

  8. 05-6 says:

    Hi Angious, I wanted to ask you something. Right now the paintings aren’t showing their mod texture anymore. I wanted to ask if there was a way to fix this on my end, or if you could possibly update the mid to fix this or somehow fix it another way. I’ve used your mod for a long time and love it. Thanks.

  9. AutoRedNBlue says:

    This is a great Scp addon.

  10. 2004 fan says:

    I see that you don’t no how to make couston scp’s well learn soon! You will run out of mobs to replace and rip 2004 add-on oh and thank you that you are putting scp354 in your add-on and can you have scp354 monsters spawn in the pool BAT replace scp354-1 cuz scp-354-1 is a big bat scp354-14 replace the octopus oh and scp354 14 tentacles are huge you make them big oh and all are hostile their is to meny scp-354 moster I can do all it goes up to 18 monsters scp354 has PLz add them quickly I am to happy to see scp354 in t he mod

  11. umeka says:

    Please add 035 and and add the scp 173 to teleport again and when you look away and look back

  12. umeka says:

    Can you updade and add scp 035 and add scp 173 to teleport again please and and look away and look back

  13. ASpookInDime says:

    This addon is great! It’s not on the level of the addons for PC but it’s still great for PE levels.
    One thing I’m also wondering is if you’ll make a map?

  14. Luis Silva says:

    Angious2004, thank you very much for creating this addon! I absolutely love it – it is, by far, my favorite addon!

    I would like to ask if you could, when you have the chance, add the following SCPs too in a future version?
    – scp-999
    – scp-1048-a
    – scp-650
    – SCP-354
    – scp-457
    – scp-1048-c

    …as well as a function pack, so we can create SCP cages automatically

    Thank you so much for your great work!

  15. Xenon says:

    Hey, the abilities that you claimed the SCPs has, doesn’t work for me. They’re basically just retextured mobs with new sounds. Even the warhead doesn’t work. Did i miss something? Did i miss a step? I really need help.

    • Husky says:

      Hey Xenon, Im not the mod maker or associated to him in anyway but I thought I could help. Have you tried moving the mod up in your load order? I run a server with 100+ Members using this addon and it seems to work fine for me.
      -Husky, Jr Modder-Wannabe Guy Who can make textures (I make textures but they’re shiddy.)

    • Anoumonous says:

      Did u get the behavior pack

    • Gamebreaker says:

      You might need to install the behavior pack

  16. Im don’t know says:

    Add the nine tail fox plz man add nine tail fox in the pillagers

  17. Im don’t know says:

    Add the nine tail fox

  18. Letter says:

    The resource pack wont show up or work? Xbox one btw

  19. Anonymous says:

    Im having a problem that the resource pack isnt working, or showing up? Xbox one BTW

  20. Anonymous says:

    Hey this is great but i deleted the old one for this bu then it added v9 back plz help

  21. Some guy says:

    Hey can you make SCP-1499 to teleport you to the end please
    Edit:ı know it doesnt make sense but still pleaseeee

  22. creeper aww man says:

    Scp 173 moves when you are looking at him

  23. BUBA says:

    Its amazing but scp 860-1 isn’t working and scp 427 🙁 plz fix it then i give 5 stars

  24. ken says:

    Uh there is a bug from this update.. And When I Try To Download It It Says “Duplicate Pack Detected” Fix This Please.

    • Husky says:

      Thats not a bug…Do you know how to install mods? You should delete the old packs before installing the new ones.

  25. Anonymous says:


  26. Harry says:

    How is the map coming along? Is it nearly done? 😁

  27. Husky says:

    Hey, Just saying for me this mod is the best mod ever, I literally love it and I check it for updates every week or so. Do you think you could put a time for when the next updates will be coming out? If this makes it to hard for you or you’d have a deadline from that just scratch this idea.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Hello! I was wondering if you could add the femur breaker sound (only the scream and start up of the machine) into the files (so people can do a command where it’ll play the sound when a button is pressed)

  29. Declanthefox says:

    Hey, there Angious2004? Can I please get some help fixing my problem? The problem is media fire isn’t working on my iPhone 6 and it will not download to my Minecraft.

  30. Declan_The_Fox says:

    I can’t get media fire to work and I’m on an IPhone 6, can you please help me?

  31. Luxx Panda says:

    This is my favorite addon, it works in all the updates, and i are making a map with this Addon

  32. Ken says:

    Please Add SCP-457 The Burning Man It Is From The Ultimate Edition

  33. Death$troke says:

    Nice addon, there’s only one problem, SCP-173 needs more work, he doesn’t needs to teleport, only walk when no one’s looking at him

  34. Nikko says:

    Hey mate, a suggestion for the next update (and i really think you should update the add-on already) is that can it have a higher resolution? or just a little bit more hd in quality when it comes to textures

  35. AN Anonymous SCP fan says:

    What is the point of the keycards and SCP 860? How do I use them?

  36. John Doe says:

    You should make the chain helmet a gas mask or night vision to see 966

  37. AutoRedNBlue says:

    Can you add night vision goggles and scp 1499-2 this is a good addon

  38. AutoRedNBlue says:

    Can you add SCP-1499-2 as they can only spawn when you wear SCP-1499

    • Snowfluff10 says:

      I have some requests the first request is I want the crossbow to become a sniper or just any type of weapon the other request is can you make a song of scp 407 it doesn’t need to work it’s the song that turns people into plants the other request is can you make 082 into the iron golem thanks for your understanding and I hope you under my request have a nice day or night

  39. Anonymous says:

    Can you add scp 1499-1

  40. AutoRedNBlue says:

    I’m on an iPad and it keeps me from downloading

  41. Edi00045 says:

    Can you make this go into the Addons app to? Im playing on iPad and i cant download it here

  42. Anonymous says:

    Can you put this uptate in the addon app? Cause i cant download it from here

  43. [REDACTED] says:

    This is a suggestion for the creator Check out the actual guns Addon it has the P90 so
    Maybe add it in as a optional Addon to the your Addon.

  44. Ken says:

    Can you add SCP-409? The crystal As Packed Ice That Gives You Nausea And Slowness And Damging -Thanks ken

  45. Anonymous says:

    This is a good add-on, but I think if you can change your page, you should. I think you should add a little more info about them, so we know. Thanks you.

  46. Isac says:

    Can u show us your map? I want see your map. Hon much is it left? Can u add me to Minecraft friend? My minecraft name is Proisac08 and pls invite me them to your map i know things of commands. Big door to peanut, SCP-682, 372, Gate A and Gate B. Pls trust me, i not gotta destroy anything only help. Or do u already have help?

  47. Slopplop says:

    A little suggestion. I’m making a map with it and I’m gonna play it with freinds. And I want to breach some SCPs, and 939 cant go through 2×1 block spaces. Can you fix this

  48. Isac says:

    I got an Idea of the Doors, dark oak door to grey and have SCP logo on and oak door to the heavy containment door, also add door sound effect to it too. Iron door are the prison door for class-Ds(But i know that u not want add door sound effect(it was befor)

  49. AutoRedNBlue says:

    How to download

  50. Isac says:

    U know the blocks you custom

  51. Isac says:

    I know skins that is good for your skin pack that comes from CB. It is Mobile Task Force, janitor, more D Class and Foundation personnel.

  52. Isac says:

    Add Franklin to your skin pack also

  53. Isac says:

    Whats your map SCP map is? Site 19?

  54. Isac says:

    The only thing i hate is SCP-178. It only spawn when i Put it on. Can u make they invisibility and when a player put SCP-178 it players can see SCP-178-1, the signs of Eucild, Keter and Safe seen not so cool. More like the game pls? Have block to entrance zone, light containment zone an make dark oak sign dark. Why not Nine-Tailed Fox as pillager only skin? But no players want have skins of scp in my world. Why not make SCP-178 replace to chainmail helmet and make the leather armor to guard armor i can colour and carved pumpkin to NTF Gas mask. Add gas mask effect on it. If u can’t name blocks why can Felix Filip do it?

  55. Magneticduo says:

    Can you add an SCP logo on the iron door, can you SCP-049 slower. can you give SCP-714 have the ability to slow you down when you hold it pls.

    • I don’t have the logo on the door because it would look too big and I think 049 is fast in the game. I’m not sure how to make 714 slow you down without affecting 008 and 049-2’s slowness effect.

  56. Nikko says:

    Mate your SCP Add-on would be epic if you would do Custom modeling for mobs.

  57. Isac says:

    Hes scream

  58. Isac says:

    Also, i did a fail with the keycard. The blue is Level Omni Keycard and red is Level 5 Keycard.
    And Level 4 is dark orange. Add brick to Level 4 Keycard i know. And SCP-714, if someone hold it, it get slowness in offhand and mainhand. SCP-173 need more work for u. SCP-173 not gotta teleport, only run when players look back. Add that if SCP-049 hurt a player the player get withering and when the player die by the withering, it be SCP-049-2. Remove SCP-1162 as craftingtable and add it to dropper. Add nether brick to master card and add gold nugget as play card. Add iron nugget to coin. Add also pillager to Nine-Tailed Fox(NTF) and villager to Class-D(C.D). Some villager can be foundation personnel, one villager be Franklin. Add also sound to SCP-939 and add sound for SCP-372. And when it hold SCP-714 and SCP-049 is near he say: Stop resisting, im here to Cure you. SCP-096 has two sound when someone look at hes face the first: when hes angry. Other is when hes stream, can u pls fix that? Why do u only make Keter and Eucild SCPs?

    • I’ll fix 173, there are Safe SCPs, like 714 and I’m not going to add NTF because I have a skin pack for the non-SCP characters in CB: D-Class, NTF, guards, CI and scientists.

  59. Isac says:

    add water bucket as SCP-354, packed ice to SCP-409, give hunger when wear SCP-427. Add silverfish to SCP-019-2, remove SCP-939 as spider and add him to polar bear and add the spider as SCP-058. Add dark oak black and dark oak trapdoor black to, its for making SCP-205, Add pumpmunstycket as gas mask and chainmail helmet to night vision goggles. Add iron golem to SCP-082, add horse to SCP-111 and make them mini. U are AMAZING IF u make this(also… im not good at english :c)

  60. Anonymous says:

    Lol this is great!!! I love it

  61. Anonymous says:

    When are we going to get 294 content? (Painting/custom blocks)

  62. Big meme says:

    Fix 173 pls. He doesn’t work

  63. glpjunge26253 says:

    pls add working keyCards

  64. Unknown says:

    Will you add the scps or replace mobs for scps just an idea

  65. Nikko says:

    Epic update as usuall but i have a few suggestions.

    Can you attempt to adapt the Vex’s Behvaiour (513) The ability to walk/fly through walls, to the Husk mob (106)?.

    Retexture the Cards. Make them higher in resolution.

    • I tried to do that with 106, but it fell to its death through the floor. I’m going to leave the cards as they are because I want a somewhat vanilla feel to it.

  66. Gamebreaker8664 says:

    Where can I find the map when your finished?

    • I will post it here, in MCPEDL.

      • ImpulseRana52 says:

        When will you release the map?And also important thing Please add The Keycard lvl 4 because The red one is level 5 and blue one is Omni Keycard but it says level 5 Please Fix this okay? Okay I wanted ask this from the first release of this add-on Please make A Keycard checker or a Keycard block and i know that I can make a Keycard checker with redstone but please add it to the add-on Please.

      • Galaxywolf says:

        When do u think the map will be done and can scp-173 attack u if not can u maybe make so he can?

  67. ken says:

    Could Ya Add More Pictures Than I think 2? Add Posters The SCP posters that would be an improment thanks. -ken

  68. BUBA says:

    Can you add s-nav navigator from map?

    • I would do it, but there’s some kind of bug in the texture of the map in which if I retexture it, it would have the same texture as before. The same with the books, I can’t retexture them as documents because of that bug.

  69. Brown boi says:

    You should add scp-294 and 1499-1. And add scps from unity and ultimate edition

  70. Idea Machine says:

    I would like you to not use the crafting table for SCP-1162, maybe dispenser or dropper?

  71. Dawson says:

    Hey man, I’ve been making a map and this was a beautiful way to add terrifying jump scares and creatures for it. The issue I’m having is the Blindness effect seems to be broken. I was hoping you could fix it in the next update.

  72. Notch says:

    I can’t get the new scps when you update the addon please help please

  73. 049masterwar says:

    Hey Angious!!, could you tell me where do you custom the textures of the mobs?? Pls😀😀😁

  74. Progamer says:

    Can you add SCP-087?

  75. Scp 682 says:

    Can you ad the skarlet 👑 please me scp 682 is his nephew if you won’t to ad him

  76. ken says:

    Can you Add The zones That Are The Lines And Blocks From The Containment Breach For This SCP Addon Be A HUGE more nicer? -ken

    • At the start I planned on doing that, but I figured out that there aren’t enough blocks with different textures for the base.

      • Husky says:

        Look at the Minecraft Update in beta bruh, You can add Your own Blocks And Items Its Awesome!!!
        I really think I hope it’ll expand and help your mod

      • ken says:

        Hmmm. I did see those blocks with the red button on them that are all black is that suppose to happen?

  77. Bobbypoppy says:

    Hey this is a cool mod and all and I get it’s based off of containment breach, BUT PLEASE, FOR MY SANITY, ADD IN SCP-3008-2. Seriously I cant find any 3008 mods and I need a 3008-2 to make my SCP map that uses this mod. I have a bunch of other mods enabled too. A 096 mod where the 096 looks like an 096 from the game and not an enderman and some food that goes on table mods. But I need a SCP-3008-2 entity. But you dont have to and I’ll just keep searching onward.

  78. Nikko says:

    Hey man! I really loved the update again. And thanks for helping me out with the development of my map (Which is currently postponed due to personal reasons) But a suggestion, Can you somehow adapt the behaviours of the vex to the Husk or SCP-106 specifically so it can pass through walls? Or if possible, to certainane and specific walls. If so you are Epic!

  79. buccimichele5 says:

    This addon looks very good. I have already the old version. Just a thing: I can t use the new one because I can’t open it on my Samsung S10+ and I can’t even copy on the pictures folder. So please add a zip download

  80. GabryG23 says:

    Pls Add Telekill Sword And Broken Telekill Sword

  81. Scp is cool says:

    Love this I have recently become a fan of the game and this add on just blows me away
    Thanks for all you do this really has been the best add on I ever have had
    So I just want to say


  82. ??? says:

    What items do the key cards replace?

  83. BIGGUS says:

    I know that you wanna start easy on addons , but will you ever make custom mobs in the future?

  84. ken says:

    But this mod is amazing! I was creating a map with this. My YT is ken plays and there you can visit my not complete map. You can also help if you want.

  85. ken says:

    Hi Creator I wanted for an scp door with its logo to be added. And the infinte canteen as a potion so if you drink it it damages you cause you drank alot

  86. BUBA says:

    Hey man this uptade is amazing!

    But Anomalous duck is teleporting all time

    And you know i speak english so-so beacuse im poland and still study english

    Have a nice day!

  87. ken says:

    Also Can Ya Add Scp Doors With Their Labels On Them? thanks.

  88. ken says:

    Can you Add a The night Vision Googles? -Thanks

  89. New update, link will work in a few days.

  90. SCPFan says:

    Can you please re skin 682 it looks weird being so small can you really skin it to be a ravager.

  91. Nikko says:

    Hey man, i sent an Email to you through gmail containing the SCP’s that i wanted to gain the ability to break down doors? Since you told me to send you a list and you would send me the file. Just wondering because, its already been 4 days and i did NOT recive any email from you yet.

  92. 049masterwar says:

    Hi, again but I have a problem to open my worlds with the new update of this addon, when I start to play and the world is loading, it takes a Lot of time to load and later it takes me out the game, what do you recommend me to do in this kind of situations. Thanks by tour answer in my last recommendation of the add-on.😁😁

  93. That Teleporting Peanut says:

    hi, how do you update mod?

  94. That Teleporting Peanut says:

    If there are two on the same comments, lets just say my page wasnt refreshed and didnt see that i already commented about this, sorry!

  95. That Teleporting Peanut says:

    Hi, im wondering on how to update packs. Would it work to go to your computer folders, find this addon’s behaviors and textures, then delete them both, then reload the addon from the link you have put? If not, please tell me. In recent replies you have put, you have to go to games, then a thing im confused about! Please help me. Thanks!

  96. 049masterwar says:

    You should make the MTF armor and the Chaos armor too, and add sounds to the doors like other people said.

    • Sorry, but I used the armors for some SCPs, and I’m not going to add sounds to the doors because then the other doors would sound like if they were iron too.
      You can use my 2004-SCP Skin Pack for CI, NTF, Class-D and Scientists.

  97. That Teleporting Peanut says:

    If this isnt the case, please tell me. If i wanted to update the addon, would it work for me to go to my folder, find the 2004 SCP Addon behaviors and textures, and delete them, and then re load the addon from the link you have made to download the addon, would it work? Or is it a website? I need help!

  98. brokendud says:

    Hi there my first time commenting on this addon (its very good!)do you think you can make SCP
    914 and replace some blocks to look like small gears and it refines to?Thanks for reading-Brokendud
    Have a nice DAY!

  99. BUBA says:

    This addon is amazing but there are some bugs:
    SCP-178 spawning a lot of skeletons
    SCPS are immortal

    And plz add anomalous ducks,and SCP-009
    And i from poland and i speak english so-so..

    Good luck! 🙂

  100. BUBA says:

    I love this!
    But there are some bugs:
    Scp-178 spawns a lot of skeletons,
    Scps are immortal,
    Plz fix it and can you add anomalous ducks?

    And i can’t shoot with p90
    And im from poland i speak english so-so

    Have a nice day

  101. BUBA says:

    I love this!
    But there are some bugs:
    Scp-178 spawns a lot of skeletons,
    Scps are immortal,
    Plz fix it and can you add anomalous ducks?

  102. add scp-343 (replace evoker), please.

  103. Nikko says:

    Hey man loving the update sp far.
    But here are some unbalanced and inaacuracies i have noticed so far in this update based on 049.
    -Dont enhance the speed of SCP-008 just to “enhance” 049’s offensive stats. Instead enhance its health. It litteraly just takes 2 shots to kill him.

  104. Mike says:

    Can you make chickens anomalous ducks that would be hilarious

  105. Suscribe to Bendy the Demon18, he is working on some awesome SCP addons with custom entities and models:

  106. L'inconnue says:

    How about replace the new “beast ” fromantic the next update with scp 682 instead of the wolf .
    Because the beast look much moredangerous and look like 682

  107. King maneul1234 says:

    When you put on scp-178 scp 178-1 spawns rapidly I had 50 of them in my world within 10 seconds and they spawned on me

  108. Anonymous says:

    You can make all the scps costom mobs if you want to great mob btw

  109. OHTAPbO says:

    Please fix scp 178 and add SCP 966 working!

  110. Mike says:

    Can you please add scp 2006 it is my favorite scp and it is in CB

  111. Bots says:

    Best Addon

  112. Nikko says:

    Hey man really love the update. And a lil feed back, can 178-1 not spawn massively? Just saying. And here are some suggestions again.

    Make the SCP’s Breachable.
    By that i mean by they can open doors (Except iron doors ofcourse for containment purposes) or Some certain blocks.
    So far this update is good.
    (repost because i couldnt see my old one in the comment section)

  113. Alexis says:

    add scp 999 next

  114. Nikko says:

    Hey mate. Can you make some SCP’s “Breachable” ?. Im using your addon to make up my map and ill give hevay credits to you when i ever consider on uploading it on MCPEDL. By breachbale i mean can they acces Doors? Example. SCP-049 Can open most of the doors. BUT not an iron door. Same goes for the other scp’s. And would it be possible for 682 to break down “Specific” blocks so it wont break a map? If you ever do consider about this suggestion. It would be crazy.

  115. Dr.lule says:

    The addon is amazing and I loved it but when you updated it the mediafire link said invalid link. Could you fix that? Thanks!

    • Yours truly says:

      The meta file isn’t working it says it’s gone could you contact me when it is fixed I am going to make a scp map
      With your creations and the other people’s credit will be shown and yours


    • Don’t worry, that happens every time I update it, it will work in a few days.

  116. can you add scp-166?

  117. I’m updating it yet again, this time I added functionality to the SCP items like 178.

  118. Vexer says:

    I don’t see my comment here, maybe I didn’t upload it, I just want to say that I have an idea, if you have a discord chat Then I would love to contact you from there, but if not the from another Messenger, you might be interested in what I have to say…

  119. That Teleporting Peanut says:

    Hey, i love this addon. Im making my own scp map and i really want SCP 173 to not teleport, instead, could you make it like a real SCP 173? when you look at it, it doesnt move, but when u look away, it does? this teleporting thing is annoying. it just teleports out his chamber, on the other hand, this addon is great!!!

  120. Nikko says:

    Ok heres some suggestions for your mod.

    -Custom sound effects for doors just like in the SCPCB Game.

    -Better modeling? I mean its gonna look really nice with 3D models.

    -Why a Hazmat suit? How about an NTF Armor? or a Classic Security Department armor set. Oh and i think leather armor be Class-D instead

    -Intercom Audio pack. That should be activated through plausound minecraft:alarm @p something like that

  121. EMJ says:

    Nice add-on but is it possible to make a version without the block textures and only the mobs and items. The textures are messing with my scp world I understand if you can’t

    • Ok, you only have to go to these folders in your archives: games: com.mojang: resource_packs: 2004-SCP_Resource: textures: there you delete the blocks folder.
      Then you go to the folder of your world and delete the resource_packs folder.
      Finally you open MCPE and enable the textures.

  122. Nikko says:

    Hey man love your mod and all but can you retexture the Scaffolding into a metalic mesh for Heavy Containment Structuring purposes?

  123. SHREDDER GAMES says:

    This is the best mod ever,i have a couple of questions. 1.when will the map be released,and can you add working tesla gate? you think that you can make SCP-457 a wither skeleton and add fire effects too it,and put SCP-999 and in the game?

    • Thank you very much!
      1: Most likely the map will be done at the end of this summer, and yes, it will have working Tesla gates.
      2: I only included SCPs from Containment Breach.

      • Anonymous says:


      • SmileyCookie414 says:

        I was wondering if you could upload a map i created for this mod. I have been working on it for 3 days and it look pretty good so far. I will add credits to you for making the mod and map that is coming soon. Also SCP 173 is hard to keep contained because as soon as you look away he escapes teleports somewhere random on the map.

  124. big meme says:

    Make 650 for zombie villager, 457 for blaze, villagers as d class, traders as scientists skeletons for guards and pillagers as NTF

  125. big meme says:

    can you make 650 for zombie villagers, 457 for blaze, D class for villagers guards as skeletons and MTF for pillagers? It would be sick

  126. Jolt says:

    Just an idea buttons can be a keycard scaner
    And try to make it only able to be opened by the keycard

  127. Jolt says:

    I can’t get the texture pack on

  128. Gamebreaker8664 says:

    I think the wolf should be 860-2 and the polar bear or pig should 682

    • 860-2 isn’t going to be in the addon because although it is in the game, the map will only be the facility. I think the wolf looks more like 682 because of its snout and tail.

  129. Drooppy5 says:

    Can you replace the book and quil with a clip bored that has a piece of paper attached to it.
    Also can you replace more music discs with scp music for example adding: scp containment breach main menu music, scp containment breach alarm, and scp breach music during containment breach

  130. Gamebreaker8664 says:

    Is it possible to stop 173 from teleporting through walls?

  131. Nikko says:

    (Repost because my other one wasnt uploaded i think) I have a suggestion on SCP-939. Instead of a spider how about use the panda instead? And if you can remodel it and make it nearly look like or make it look like the actuall 939 (if you can) then thats soo fire.

  132. The addon also includes 3 custom paintings, one of them being 079’s screen.
    Also the golden pressure plate looks like a keyboard for 079 😉

  133. Glpjunge26253 says:

    Can u pls make a keycard Scanner with no keycard 1 2 3 4 5 and Omni pls they other Can Open without keycard pls then i give 5 stars

  134. glpjunge26253 says:

    Can u make a keycard Scanner a Level 1 2 3 4 5 Omni pls the others Can Open it without keycard pls make that u Can Open door with no keycard and 1 2 3 4 5 and Omni pls

  135. Nikko says:

    Hey man i have a suggestion for 939.

    Instead of a spider why not replace it with a panda? And if possible, or if your skilled enough to remodel the panda and turn it nearly or exactly as SCP 939

  136. Gamebreaker8664 says:

    Could you make the key cards work on the doors please

  137. brown boii says:

    can you add 079 and also make 513-1

    • SCP-079 is already in the addon in the form of a 1 block sized painting.
      To do 513-1 I would have to change fire texture, and I don’t know if there’s another way of doing it.

  138. big meme says:

    when will the map be released

  139. Drooppy5 says:

    I have an i idea you should ad a intercom function comand for example: /function intercom 1 Then eveyone hears sombody saying: Don’t forget today’s pizza day so head on down to the cafeteria to grab your self a hot slice ………………………..
    : Also add foundation personal

  140. King Manuel 1234 says:

    Hi I keep getting a glitch where the items aren’t called what they are supposed to be can you fix that?

  141. Ok, I updated it once again and the duplicate pack error shouldn’t happen if you follow the installation details.

  142. IMPORTANT: Every time you download a new version of the addon you do this before installing it:
    Ok, go to games, com.mojang, resource_packs and delete the resources for the addon.
    Next go to games, com.mojang, behavior_packs and delete the behaviors for the addon.
    Last you go to games, com.mojang, minecraftworlds, the folder of your world and then you delete the folders behavior_packs and resource_packs.
    Finally you reinstall the new version.

  143. Shadow trooper says:

    Can you please update it more and add a few more scp and can you replace villagers with foundation personnel

  144. Whut says:

    Its the old texture help

  145. Ken YT says:

    It said the behavior is a duplicate pack and i only downloafed this today fix it please

  146. N8 says:

    Ill make this short, i downloaded, i happy, i look, i sad, i try again but its just the old texture HELP

    • N8 says:

      Also can you put the shield textur on the iron door?

      • Alphaxenopete says:

        The evoker should be scp 035-1 since plague doctor and 035-1 are good friends and I hope the villagers will become scientist D- class, A-class,B-class and scientist

    • Ok, go to games, com.mojang, resource_packs and delete the resources for the addon.
      Next go to games, com.mojang, behavior_packs and delete the behaviors for the addon.
      Last you go to games, com.mojang, minecraftworlds, the folder of your world and then you delete the folders behavior_packs and resource_packs.
      Finally you reinstall the addon.

  147. Nikko says:

    Help! Im currently facing an issue where i try to updatw my Map (with the old version of this addon applied which i removed later on) and i replaced it with the newer one. Yet nothing has seem to have changed. The shield texture remained desame,The craftimg table,The door. Generally everything that was supposed to be in this update did not apply to my map/world. I already tried re-installing it several times. Please helpe.

    • Ok, go to games, com.mojang, resource_packs and delete the resources for the addon.
      Next go to games, com.mojang, behavior_packs and delete the behaviors for the addon.
      Last you go to games, com.mojang, minecraftworlds, the folder of your world and then you delete the folders behavior_packs and resource_packs

  148. Tazmoe says:

    This is really good!

  149. Quick notice, the map will be a replica of the facility in SCP – Containment Breach and it will have some cool features: Working redstone blast doors, acid and gas dispensing for some of the containment chambers, working Tesla gates, redstone beacon, warhead system that destroys the whole facility and much more…

  150. Nikko says:

    Great update! Ive litteraly been waiting and this one is fire! Though AI Fixes and reworks would be really great for the SCP’s!. Once again thanks! Now i can add some chages to my Facility Site-[REDACTED] hehe..

  151. Zeyad981 says:

    You can put a small command block tutorial on how to make 049 turn players to zombies with the execute command

  152. I’m updating it yet again, the link will work in a few days.

  153. King manuel says:

    Hey can I ask will the map be a actually game or just the site and you can look around or explore it

    • Look around and explore it, but it will have some cool features: Working redstone blast doors, acid and gas dispensing for some of the containment chambers, working Tesla gates, redstone beacon, warhead system that destroys the whole facility and much more…

  154. Hamburger says:

    Could you change the way stone looks, because for me they are all observers lol

  155. Tazmoe says:

    Great mod- btw, can i use it for a SCP map?

  156. Drooppy5 says:

    Thank you so much btw do you
    have any news about 173

    • I couldn’t do anything to fix it, so I’m waiting for someone to do a SCP-173 addon. I will try to adapt the behavior to my addon if someone makes it.

  157. A says:

    Why Scp-049 Can’t turn players into Zombies

  158. Van says:

    Can you changed scp 682 replaces by ravager and can you add mtf

    • I thought of doing that, but the Ravager doesn’t look like 682 at all. Regarding the MTFs, I’m not going to add them because my map will be multiplayer, and I have a skin pack with all the 5 playable characters, including the MTFs. It’s called 2004-SCP Skin Pack.

  159. Nikko says:

    Hi! I really l like your pack and i can still see room for development… Though even at this stage of development, Most features and textures should be atleast be fixed at some point. Though here are my thoughts and suggestions. Rework the Texture packs. Some (I think) of the blocks texture are broken and seem to have the observer texture. A rework on the blocks and items and also the SCP’s texture is also pretty great. Second some SCP’s dont have the proper sound assest. (For example this one scp that i forgot that sounds like a villager when i hit it and when it growls) And finally last thing is Can SCP 173’s AI be reworked? Like can it not teleport randomly and be a little bit more hostile towards the player. And it should be containable still. That is all so far i just said that because im excited to do more changes and updates on my own SCP map! Hope you continue the development!

    • Thanks for the feedback, but the block’s textures aren’t broken, they have the old observer texture for the map. I think you’re talking about SCP-939 (spider), it has villager sounds because in the game that SCP can replicate human voices to atract its victims. Finally, I need help with 173 (stray) behaviors because I don’t know if it’s posible to do it like in the game.

  160. Bob says:

    It would be cool if 106 also caused the blindness effect aswell as nausea

    • I tried, but for some reason then he didn’t give you any effects.

      • Drooppy5 says:

        When i changed the name to scpzip the behavior pack and texture pack apeared but they turned into folders behavior pack folder and texture pack folder. instead of it being just a file plz help i really wnt this mod

  161. Ducky says:

    Hey maybe make paintings list the SCP names what class they are (like Euclid and Keter) and make it say things like Gate A, Gate B, Do Not Enter, etc

  162. Jim says:

    Can you make it new eggs please and also make it so 106 can go through walls please

    But otherwise amazing addon

    • I don’t know how to make the SCPs their own entities, and I can’t make SCP-106 go through walls because he also would sink into the floor to his death.

  163. Tobi88 says:

    Can you add there own spawn egg?

  164. Zeo says:

    When are you expecting the map to be released?

  165. Tobi88 says:

    Can you please add own spawn egg the scp?

  166. Darius Yeo says:

    Can you add SCP-999

  167. O5 Council says:

    the link doesn’t work after I tried to redownload it to update

  168. Don’t worry about the link, I’m updating it once again. This time 049 will be able to summon 049-2!

  169. Mees de Vries says:

    How do I use the keycards? Is there a certain way to you them on doors or do I have to use something else? 🙂 Great addon! Was waiting a long time for this one to come out!

  170. Drooppy5 says:

    How do you
    get the resource pack im only geting the behavior pack and i don’t know what you mean by click archive and move to picture folder and open it from there.

    • If you have problems with the .mcaddon file just change the name of the file from 2004-SCP Addon.mcaddon to 2004-SCP, then extract it and you’ll have both the textures and behaviors folders. Now you have to move them to their respective folders in games com.mojang. If you didn’t understand there are lots of tutorials on how to install addons in You Tube.

      • lananovakk says:

        Thanks! It really helped!

      • Anonymous says:

        It still didn’t work i think its beter if you help me on xbox so you can help me download it my username is UrbanKnot723277 if you won’t be able to help me hopefully someone else will help please i really want this mod

  171. Drooppy5 says:


  172. SCP-049-127 says:


  173. Jim says:

    Why does it download but not with the new update?

  174. Pietreczeq says:

    Why download link don’t work
    Pls fast reply

  175. I forgot to mention that the addon includes background music from SCP Unity composed by Corvus B:

  176. Sam barker says:

    Hey, do you mind changing it so that scp 173 can’t teleport through solid objects like blocks and doors etc because I’m trying to make him a cell but he keeps teleporting away

  177. User. says:

    Is there a way to prevent 173 from teleporting? I am using this to create my own, unpublished facility and I was wondering if you knew a way to stop that without altering the adding behaviors.

  178. Note that SCP-178 won’t be white if you don’t dye it.

  179. The addon is updated now, enjoy it!

  180. blood of war says:

    update scp 682,he will godd

  181. namcx says:

    should add beautiful pictures and health SCP and update scp 096 will good

  182. Don’t worry if the download link doesn’t work, it’s because I’m going to update it.

  183. DATURTLE343 says:

    So i have been creating a map with this and the SCP 096 addon by BendyTheDemon18 and i was wondering if i could publish my map on mcpe dl as long as i credit you under it.

  184. Sharedwhisper15 says:

    why the heck does it add another addon with it in behavor pack the other addon is called “the command creeper” make it better so i does not do that pls help theres only a resource pack no behavor when i install it welp me make a better addon for it

  185. Anonymous says:

    If you could, could you make the scp helmets into mon heads instead and make the gold/diamond helmets into mtf/sd helmets? I love this and I’m trying to make a map but I don’t have any sd/mtf helmets

  186. DankERS says:

    How do you create addons?

    • It’s a complex process, you can start by creating a texture pack, which isn’t that difficult, then use some app like Addon Maker to create the behaviors.

  187. Kiffolisk says:

    Help! It says the behaviour pack is duplicate but I don’t have it! I have the SCP-096 addon and resource pack, do I need to remove it?

  188. TheTipArrowNations says:

    Hey there is a big problem. I downloaded the file and putten the recourse pack and the behavior pack files on its main folder and the recourse pack did appear but not the behavior pack. Please fix this glitch.

  189. Vojta says:

    Will you try to add even more? Now it is already fantastic and greately worked through, but if you plan to make more i would recomend you replacing magma slime with scp 999 which would buff players, 939 which could meke vilager sounds or 1616 which could replicete item given to it after getting feed.

  190. Taht person says:

    Every time I try to download the addon, i can to get the behavior pack but not the resources,I have tried both mcworld and zip, both don’t work. Is it only one device addon? Please reply

  191. TheTipArrowNations says:

    Is it okay to use this addon for a map I am making I will make sure to credit you!

  192. If you want more SCP content, check out Julius Scizzor on YouTube:

  193. LifeShavings says:

    My last comment didn’t appear for me so I’m going to repost it
    I really like this add on . I decided to make a containment facility, which will not be posted, and when I got to making the unit for 008 I decided to make particle effects appear around it since it is a zombie plague. However , the texture pack removes the particles when it’s active. I still really like this add on and am looking forward to the map.

  194. LifeShavings says:

    A really like this add-on and I decided to make my own facility for fun (it won’t be published) . When I got to the containment unit for 008 I researched it and figured out it was a zombie plague so I decided to use particles to show it was a plague but the texture pack of the add-on removes particles . Also I thought I’d let you know that the armor textures are replaced with the default textures if another texture pack is active

  195. Niceaddon6789 says:

    Sadly 096 teleports and 173 has a gun.. xD but prob my fav add on, also is there a date range / day the map will be out??

  196. S Creep says:

    you can use the new feature to not replace mobs. 🤦‍♂️

  197. Manuel says:


  198. Lolz1221689 says:

    I love scp thanks for the addon

  199. If you want to improve the addon, use it to make your own, just give credits to me for the original one.

  200. Qubiks says:

    When will map come?

  201. Hey lad says:

    No 999:(

  202. Commander0222 says:

    Wow thanks a lot bro you don’t know how much time I spent searching for a scp addon and can’t wait for the map

  203. Commander0222 says:

    Wow thanks a lot bro you don’t know how much time I spent searching for a scp addon

  204. SCP GAMER says:

    Can u make scp 682? I AM THE Biggest fan of scp!

  205. Bob says:

    Why aren’t you going to update it?

  206. Jesus says:

    Map map map map map map. Bring it please. Sorry for annoying tou and pissing you off so id like t know, what the percentage of the map have you made and when do you estimate the map will be ready. Thank you.

  207. Jesus says:

    Plez bring map

  208. Anonymous says:

    Nice addon. But if you want, my friend could finish it up a bit for you.

  209. YOUTUBERUBY22 says:


  210. Jackygameing98 says:

    I didn’t work for me it says it’s duplicated snd I love scp I’m so sad I do’s not work I have bing trying to make a SCP Foundation but I can’t use this Addon so it’s making trying to build a scp map a lot harder

  211. I’m not going to update the addon, I made it specifically for my map. The map is not finished yet, be patient.

  212. Angious2004 says:

    I’m not going to update the addon, I made it specifically for the map. The map is not finished yet, be patient.

  213. Harrythemagician13 says:

    Just change it to custom entitys not replaceble mobs!

  214. Hanns says:

    The map is at the right of your screen

  215. TREXILLLIONTH says:

    Can I make a sorta update to this addon I already did it will be in my account and 99.9% of the credits go to you and 00.1% me I just added some behaviors and textures.

  216. CowCraftGamingZ says:

    Make it not replace mobs and make the models and textures right.

  217. XDXDXXDD says:

    You can find full body of SCP-035 by spawn SCP-049-2
    Until one of them wearing Golden helmet(SCP-035 mask)

  218. Jackygameing98 says:

    It’s doesnt work it said duplicated and I’m soooooo sad I love scp and it doesn’t work I’m so sad :C

  219. Anonymous says:

    The scp’s are not really a good idea, because they are 15 and up on the site, and there are people younger than that on here. Maybe these should not be added. If your going to do these Addons, add them to the SCP Foundation site, not here.

  220. LOLBIT_1987 says:

    When is the map going to be released?

  221. BOB says:

    Hey I know this sounds weird, but can you make a seperate one without the SCPs PLEASE I DESPREATLY NEED IT AND IDK HOW TO REMOVE things like that. Great addon though

  222. Agent Matt 6 says:

    I just want a SCP-3008 map

  223. AaribAaqibYT says:

    This addon is great but you didn’t name the items I can name them if you want my discord is @Aarib#2092 please contact me if you want to name your addons items and mobs eggs

  224. WatchYa says:

    But why must it replaced other mobs?

  225. Anonymous says:

    Very good addon hope you add more in the future!

  226. Sheep says:

    Suggestion: make the broken music disk SCP 407 the song of genises

  227. Sawgaac says:

    Where’s the map

  228. StanCZE says:

    Thanks for addon

    Im fan SCPFoudation

    • Then wait for the map, it’s going to be an almost exact replica of the facility in SCP – Containment Breach, and it will have rooms not seen in the game and a complete warhead system.

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