2020 Tesla Roadster Addon

Though you may not get the Tesla Roadster 2020 in 2020, you can still enjoy the most exciting features in your Minecraft world. From the eye catching design, to the zippy responsiveness, there is a lot to love about this addon. This update brings some quality of life features.

The red Tesla Roadster includes many luxury supercar features while remaining practical for everyday use. The interior boasts room for four players to sit, while also including one chest of storage. The car travels at approximately 90mph or 140 kph. Our lovely video shows the true habitat of the unbelievable force of this supercar.

In this update, we’ve added our cutting edge spoiler from our Model X. Now, depending on the speed you are going, the spoiler will rise and lower to adapt to it.

Below are two different pictures of the 2020 Tesla Roadster. 

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We've tweaked the animation of the wheels as well as added an adaptive spoiler to the back, making this more similar to the real deal.

Fixed bug where front wheels wouldn't turn while turning car. Also shamelessly plugged our YouTube video.


Click the link. 

Wait five seconds for Adfly. 

Click "Skip Ad" in the top right corner. 

Scroll down and click download. 

Or watch our installation guide.


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  1. BlazebuilderX says:

    Plz add link for mcaddon file

  2. Guest-8957341323 says:

    It said that there was a dangerous link and Eset would not let me in. I do not recommend, stay away from dangerous sites.

  3. Guest-4399792479 says:

    The lihk sent me to youtube so i thought i was gonna get rick rolled

  4. SKELL_LUCIFER says:

    I can’t import

  5. Guest-2820842710 says:

    When I changed it from zip file to mcaddon, its says “Failed to import”. I think your addons are incompatible for mcpe android. Pls kindly fix it 🙂

  6. Guest-5646100717 says:

    This is the best based Addon Maker on MCPEDL. You [guys] are the best!

  7. Guest-2330650673 says:

    Can’t import it:(

  8. Guest-3171001086 says:

    i love the roadster can you make a trailer for the semi truck pls

  9. Guest-5802268812 says:

    ……i cant import it!

  10. Guest-8662447085 says:

    Can you make Tesla Model S

  11. Guest-6643495758 says:

    How do i download this?

  12. Zenriff872 says:

    Flawless. Amazing design. Perfect speed. Good color choice. Simply, amazing. 10/10

  13. Guest-6999980581 says:

    I have only one word to describe this:

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