15 Ways to Die!

The 15 ways to die map is a minigame map whose goal here is to kill yourself to pass the level and move to the next level. To die, you must solve the different puzzles in each level, each level contains a totally different and fun puzzle.

Are you ready to die? Download our map now and enjoy!

Find a way to die by solving the puzzles of each level!

This new version brings the Christmas theme and many other news. Enjoy!

For this map to work, play it on the latest version of Minecraft (1.14)

Enjoy the Map!

Creator: Pixell Studio

Tester: KYFI

Contact Email: [email protected]




Mcpedl (Thanks for posting our map)

KYFI (Thanks for testing and helping us with our map)



Changelog View more

Christmas Update 2.1

  • + 2 levels bonus added
  • We changed the whole map to the christmas theme
  • we changed many parts of the map to make it look better
  • Add new sounds and interactive particles to make gameplay more fluid and fun
  • Fixed a lot of bugs that were disrupting players' gameplay
  • We polished the map to try to make it lighter
  • Some levels have changed

2.0 ATT:

  • We have completely reworked the map, changed all levels to make it more fun, now you have to solve puzzles to die for.
  • All commands have been redone to prevent bugs.
  • Optimized file size (from 17 MB to 10 MB)
  • You can now skip levels you can't pass.
  • Corrected all visual errors and bugs.


how to install?

-To install just do the Captcha and close the ads to open the mediafire website

If you're unable to access mediafire, watch this video tutorial.:


Supported Minecraft versions


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34 Responses

3.73 / 5 (11 votes)
  1. Charlotte says:

    All lead to unsafe websites so don’t download it takes hours too.

  2. VanMiscreant says:

    Very good this new version! the map is much harder and fun, very well Pixell.

  3. julien says:

    hey i sand you a email sand me the maps

  4. gutogutim says:

    I can not download because I have problems opening the site can you give me a direct link to mediafire?

  5. NekoVod says:

    NICE Pixell!

  6. MotorOil65 says:

    ive spent the last 20 mins trying to get the map but it always leads to unsafe websites the video did not help

  7. CausedSquire345 says:

    Don’t waste your time downloading this. It was an awful map that had useless items and repeats of the same level, if you’re gonna remake it then remake most of the levels especially level 16

  8. Miecorizon says:

    Very cool!!

  9. ppbomber says:

    its adventure mode. it has buttons to start. you cant start it as you cant press buttons in adventure. this map sucks. dont download

  10. Rojosan23 says:

    I love this map, it’s so much fun! ❤

  11. LeoHattie says:

    This map is amazing !! good job Pixell

  12. Whysocookie says:

    Can you fix the link?

  13. Whyyy says:

    Cancer download link

  14. Mega Craft says:

    I have No IDEA how to download the file. Please Help me, Please Make the link WIHTOUT Ads

  15. FIREDRAGON555 says:

    Best move web

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