256 Parkour Race

Do you want to do parkour with your friends in a world-themed map? Then this may be for you! Go through the three dimensions of the Minecraft world while jumping from place to place, biome to biome, racing to the finish line!

Go through the three dimensions while jumping through the Minecraft world, racing to the finish line in the end dimension where you see who the real parkour master is! If you are still waiting for your friends to join, not a problem! Enjoy the bow minigame, parkour practice and other random things in the lobby!

*Map contains one level that should take about 5-15 mins to finish.

*It is recommended to play the map with 2-4 more players, too many players may do an issue to the map.

*The map may update soon to have a level #2 or even more, if accepted.

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Version 1.0 - Created the parkour map in August 2020


1. Press on the download link to get the .mcworld file

2. Press on the downloaded file to import it

3. If done properly, Minecraft should open and successfully import the world

This is literally all that is needed to download


Supported Minecraft versions


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