294855: Glitched Village Island

The things you will come across in this seed are very rare. First off, the spawn is on an island out in the ocean and in total we’ve only reviewed twelve such villages in the past. The second cool thing is that the village is glitched. What we mean by glitched is that several of the houses in the seed have been cut in half which is obviously as it’s meant to be.

Actually the village is split up on three different islands, but as you can see in the images all of the three islands are very close together and connected by the bridges of the village.

Here are a few images of how some of the houses look like. Quite odd, don’t you think?

glitchedvillageisland3 glitchedvillageisland2 glitchedvillageisland4

Seed: 294855

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3 Responses

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  1. Green quails and Uncle Sam says:

    Why would I wanna have this seed I don’t like glitched villages

  2. G says:

    Is it 1.0.5 compatible?
    Official iOS version

  3. someone says:

    first comment!!! there is something there northeast like some sorta sandship, use it like a private beach

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