30 Animal Home Designs [Creation] ( Only!)

Treat your furry friends with the most respect by providing them with their own house. This creation includes 30 different designs for homes which are specifically meant for animals such as dogs, cats, pigs and plenty of other animals. Even though most of them are fairly simple to build they look really cozy.

Creator: DJKenleyTrack

Here are some of the designs. But there are plenty more to explore in-game.

Important: This map is limited to beta users only. Android users can sign up for the beta here!

Download .McWorld
Download .ZIP

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44 Responses

3.8 / 5 (5 votes)
  1. Quinne says:

    Copy from Grian and his crew, who actually spent time and effort to build those! Credit people next time and maybe it would work out better!

  2. Merisays says:

    The link is broken!!!

  3. ? says:

    Honestly, credit Grian. You’ve already been exposed for copying him. vvv

  4. Concerned User says:

    Uh, This is a carbon copy of Grian.

  5. Bob says:

    It might not have been copied the person who made this world might had not known someone else built it to.

  6. Minecraft_Is_Awesome says:

    The cat house was copied off a youtuber.

  7. Fiery Carnotaurus says:

    This was stolen.

  8. TrollzandLolz says:

    Normally I don’t do this but all the designs are copyright from the designer Grain and his crew they’re the real builders not DJKenelyTrack! Please give credit to Grain!


  9. The Minecraft Critic says:

    Copyright is literally written all over these builds! Who the hell is this phoney, trying to take credit for Grian (Youtuber) & his crews builds! Watch his house pet builds and BAM! There’s the source. Everyone report this to the website admins, NOW!

  10. 🤔🤔🙄🙄😓😓 says:

    Well I have the newest version of MCPE and it’s says there is a newer version of MC Why?

  11. Unicorn poop says:

    Guys seriously
    If you watched the video and you wanted to build it yourself but your to lazy to
    Just download this it actually saves you a lot of time

  12. Daymine_482 says:

    Cats sorry

  13. TheYoutuberFans says:

    Hello , This Creations Designed By Grian (Minecraft Builder) So Please Make Credit For Him…


  14. Catness says:

    Why is this for the beta?

  15. JesseMCappleGold says:

    Why you make 30 animal home desingns ?

  16. ItsMe says:

    This Map like Grian & friend map, hmmmm………

  17. MyrandaMiller91 says:

    Please credit Grian the YouTuber for these designs. I can link the exact video if you need, but he deserves credit.

  18. Kenjoe says:

    Sun Sun Sunshing Day is So Inviting A Dolla Dolla Dollar equal

  19. TheBlockChef says:

    I think it’s funny that the creator copied AT LEAST almost every house off of grisn’s video. If you want proof, here’s his video:

  20. SoaPuffball says:

    obviously required grian copy comment
    In fact, I’ve be much happier if they recreated the Build Swap arena, including the Sabotage area.

  21. Nikky says:

    Hi I am big Minecraft fan my name is Nikky

  22. Cookie says:

    It’s copied from Grian. ;-;

  23. XoX_Ash_XoX says:

    All of this is 100% copyright all the animal house belong to Grain and his crew, their was even a video posted his channel (Grain) to show all these designs. DJKenelyTrack doesn’t deserve credit for the homes made. I can look at the pictures and say “These were all from Grain and his crew.” This map, deserves BIG credit to Grain and his crew for these builds!

  24. AIDoLS says:

    This is an exact copy of Grians designs in a youtube video he made.

  25. The red dragon says:

    this breaks my heart because I love animals
    iOS users might think about this and say:🚫🐶🐱🐰🐷🐴🐻🐮🐔🐑🏘.
    MCPEDL:Why are you upset about this?
    Me🐉:Because I can’t get this.Plus,THINK ABOUT US iOS USERS!

  26. Shar_Ish_Kawaiii says:

    1st to comment :]

  27. TheCreeperHuntr says:

    This is SO based off of (if not exactly the same thing) Grian’s pet homes video.

  28. Minecraftdog767 says:

    Why is it only for

  29. Mr. Say_Finally_Like_A_Lot says:

    Hi, im kinda concerned that this design from this guy, it is in fact the same designs made by GRIAN AND HIS CREW, in fact he made a videl about those, so please credit him. Peace 🙂

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