30 Questions (Modded Map!) [Minigame]

30 Questions is a quite difficult minigame which require great knowledge about the history of Minecraft Pocket Edition, including updates reaching as back back as 0.8.0. But it doesn’t matter if you consider yourself a true expert of the game or not because it’s still a great way to learn more about the game in quiz styled map.

Creator: Sticky_Fingers, Twitter Account

How to play?

Once you’ve spawned in-game you will have to press some buttons to get to the actual minigame. In total there are 30 questions to be answered and you have to answer them quickly because otherwise you will die and have to start over.

The questions are split up on multiple stages which are themed differently, e.g. questions about biomes, ores and so on, but they are always related to Minecraft Pocket Edition.

30-questions-1 30-questions-2


  • Don’t break blocks
  • Don’t skip questions
  • Set difficulty to peaceful
  • Set gamemode to survival

Install Guide

  1. Install SimpleCommands and the Command Blocks mod.
  2. Then download and install the 30 Questions trivia map.
  3. You are now done and ready to go!


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Installation Guides

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7 Responses

  1. Liam says:

    This is rlly cool but I found it easy but still good job

  2. golden freddy says:

    does it work on minecraft windows 10 3.0?

  3. NinjaFrost says:

    Everytime I extract some map .zip in es file explorer it keeps saying (Bad Zip File) help me pls i rly wanna download this map.

  4. AlleanMCYT says:

    Does this work for 0.15.x??

  5. Aiden says:

    A fun game

  6. danial fitri says:

    Does this map can play with fwends??

  7. D4V1 G4M3R says:

    No is for 0.15.0 :/

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