3D Items Addon V2

The 3D Items Addon adds a new dimension to a few of the items in the game. The items are fully 3d, in your hand, when thrown and for fireworks and bottle o enchanting when used.

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Currently only potions, dragons breath, splash potion, lingering potions, swords, honey bottles, bottle o’ enchanting, totems and fireworks are 3d, but more are to come. There are a few bugs you should be aware of, 3D items dont appear on item frames and all potions look like water bottles in your hand, this shouldn’t hinder the playing experience to much though.

if you have any suggestions comment them

Q: Can I use this without the behavior pack

Yes, the behavior pack makes it so when the item is out of your inventory on the ground it doesn’t appear invisible, that’s it.

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Added Bones

Added Swords 

Added Splash Potions

Added Lingering Potions

Added Snowball

Added Ender Pearl

Added Eye of Ender


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43 Responses

4.71 / 5 (17 votes)
  1. SkeleyVamp says:

    can you add apples and 3d trowable items

  2. RobotRobert2003 says:

    I think 1.16.2 broke some of the models, like enchanting bottles, when in hand you see the 3d object and the 2d object. still love this addon

  3. Owkiya says:

    Can I teach me? I want to know how to work. (Sorry,My english is not good

  4. The Addon’s very laggy when I held the items in my hand.. Can you fix that?

  5. MrBonkerz64 says:

    this is really good, but just in my opinion i think it would be better if swords were more blocky so its a little closer to vanilla, so idk, also arrows, bows, crossbows, all tools, and armor i would like added but i know its hard and keep up the work 🙂

  6. xz_seer says:

    I am very interested in a little detail in this package, I gave it 5 points! I want to know how the author made a suitable translucent 1% items map, thank you author, I don’t speak English well, awa

  7. Shurifera says:

    This addon has good potential. I’ll give it 4 Stars, as well as listing all of the bugs
    and suggestions people have. I’ll add a few of my own suggestions too.
    Hope this comment helps.


    1. Holding the Totem of Undying in your off hand it appears backwards.
    2. Potions look like a water bottle when held.
    3. Holding items in your offhand makes them invisible.
    4.(?) Fireworks aren’t 3D when loaded in the crossbow.
    5. Enchantment Bottles are invisible when thrown and has no animation.
    6. No potion drinking animation.

    My Suggestions:

    – Try to turn the addon into a Resource Pack instead.
    I’ve read the comments and someone reported that the Behavior Pack does not work well.
    Turning the addon into a resource pack would make it easier for people to enjoy. 🙂

    – The Totem of Undying has wings, so maybe you could modify the model a bit. (Optional)

    – 3D Ender Pearls

    – 3D Arrows (including Tipped Arrows)

    – 3D Soul Lanterns and Soul Torches (Items that are in 1.16, the Nether Update)

    – 3D Blaze Rods

    – 3D Bowls (Including Mushroom Stew and Suspicious Stew, great for decoration!)

    – 3D Buckets (Empty, Water, Lava, Milk)

    – 3D Honey Bottles and 3D Honeycombs

    – I wouldn’t suggest making armor and tools 3D, since that is in 1.16.

    Other Suggestions from the comments:

    – 3D Torches and Lanterns

    – 3D Snowballs

    And that’s all of the feedback I can give for now. I hope this comment helps you.
    This pack is nice and I’d love for it to be updated and be a resource pack. Enjoy 1.16!

    • Voxet says:

      Unfortunately becuase of the bedrock codebase I cant make it a recouce pack, once bedrock supports it I will make the change over, your comment definitely helps and I’m going to fix the bugs you found, but the enchanting bottle on my end is 3d when thrown, can you try throwing it from a distance or a height and see if its visible then?

      • Guest-3447301015 says:

        someone has done it

      • Blue7S says:

        for the totem make it the wrong way to fix it because no one holds a totem in their right hand

      • Shurifera says:

        There are actually some packs I’ve seen that have done this as resource packs.

        Two of them being: BedrockAnimated, and 3D Throwable Items.

        On BedrockAnimated, the firework projectiles and arrow projectiles are 3D.

        For the other pack, throwable items are just the 3D model.

        I guess for this pack you’re working on, you’re attempting to make sure that
        items are always 3D, no matter what, I assume?

    • Guest-9325475914 says:

      Thats nice, but what about weapons and tools?

  8. M.M.16 player says:

    Good but it actually should be a resources pack

  9. lol nice, this had to be made 3-4 years ago cuz items are 3D in 1.16,
    anyway it looks different than vanilla which I like. good job!
    totem looks amazing

  10. Guest-5210775251 says:

    What about Minecraft mob egg in 3d

  11. Guest-1152437980 says:

    theres so many bugs and rants that I wanna tell
    -behaviour pack literally does nothing
    -the whole resource pack is messing with the player’s animation
    -theres no water bottle drinking animation in first person mode
    -this should be a resource pack not an addon because you just changed the item models and thats it
    -throwing bottle o’ enchanting have no animation
    -bottle o’ enchanting is non-existing when you throw them

    please make a fix, I’m really hyped for this pack because no one has ever make 3d item model in this website, and PLEASE make it a resource pack instead of an addon

    • Voxet says:

      The addon cannot be changed into a recource pack becuase minecraft doesnt sopport it yet, once minecraft changes it I will make the change over immediately. Thank you for reporting the bugs, I’ll fix it asap with the next big update.

  12. Great, can’t wait for more tiems to be added

  13. KanadaEh says:

    I love how the potions look its superb!

  14. Guest-4891055639 says:

    Could you do the golden apple and most of the other food items if you can.

  15. Guest-8111520934 says:

    the fire work and totem gives a very weird minecraftt dungeon vibe

  16. anonymus_100gamer says:

    You should contact the creator of Advanced Farming, to lend you his code of 3d models in your hands so that you save yourself is work.

    Note: Please change that triangle of the rocket, I don’t see it as minecraft.

  17. Guest-2389541832 says:

    Looks good and i say good job make an update please

  18. Guest-5676112695 says:

    It dosen’t work for me, objects are still 2D.

  19. Guest-3350713641 says:

    Thank you for making it it’s really cool!

  20. ThePumpkinPrince says:

    This looks amazing, it would be cool to see the animations for every item. Like drinking the potions, the totem on undying activating, and seeing the xp bottles/splash potions in the air before landing would be nice. I noticed you did almost all of the bottle things which is nice, it would be really cool if you also included dragon’s breath in the next update to keep the consistency ykno? Looks really awesome, keep up the good work!

  21. Wonderful addon! There are some bugs that i will list here.
    1: When holding the totem of undying in your off hand it appears backwards.
    2: When holding all potions they look like a normal water bottle.
    3: Holding items in your offhand make them invisible.
    4: Fireworks aren’t 3d in the crossbow.
    Items that i wan’t added:
    1: Lantern
    2: Torch
    Like i said this is a very good addon and i hope to see future updates to it.

  22. Konstantin40k says:

    I’ve got a good device, but it’s lag when I take 3D items in the hand. But still a good job

  23. Guest-8367601483 says:

    Reminds me of playing Minecraft dungeons!!

  24. Guest-9466262869 says:

    This actually looks brilliant! You’ve done a fantastic job on this and I can’t wait to see what’s next! Perhaps ores and ingots?

    Keep it going!

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