By Editor
Published on February 27, 2016 (Updated on February 27, 2016)

3D Minimap Mod

Is there a download link that doesn't lead to play store?
Is there a problem with the addon?, Because there's no link for me. (But great work)
The download link is broken try using filedropper
Can you pls fix it so it is an addon pls
How do we import add-ons without any other apps? Because I am using
Where is the download link it says unavailable URL D:
You may want to fix the brown Icon on the map and maybe make the icon look like the head of the custom skin you're using. And maybe convert it into a resource pack for 0.15.90 build 5 as an add-on because that would be pretty cool.
im interested, but, 0.15.4?
I think it should work.