3D Player Model Mod

The 3D Player Model Mod gives a more realistic shape to your character. It’s especially the legs and the head which look a lot more realistic since it got more depth, even a pair of ears have been added to the character. As a result of the new player level you will also move a bit differently.

The motion of the character looks currently a bit unrealistic but it just adds to the funny-looking aspect of the mod.

Creator: JuanZavala

To shift to the 3D model tap on the bottom-right 3D button and a menu will pop up. Pick the option which best suits your player skin.

Screenshot_2015-05-04-11-13-12 Screenshot_2015-05-04-11-13-26 Screenshot_2015-05-04-11-13-49


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20 Responses

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  1. Mythalda says:

    Lol this thing looks so funny

  2. Miley says:

    Please add more player models mod it’s the coolest mod I ever found but I can’t do zip files so if you do can it be for pe and mediafire plus this is cool to please read this

  3. Anonymous says:

    It’s so cursed

  4. RealDTSM says:

    this is cursed.
    Also instructions were unclear. My computer is now an Ender Dragon Egg

  5. ;-; says:

    It would be cool if it was for ios

  6. Skorpeinch says:

    I commented before getting the pack but… It… Looks ….lol don’t care it’s halaireus

  7. 🦈 s4evr says:


  8. Goldie says:

    This is what the perfect human body looks like, you may not like it, but this is peak performance.

  9. michael fletcher says:

    I love it

  10. Random guy says:


  11. 100BlueStarwars says:


  12. Dexsters says:

    Who can make a mod for mcpe like the more player models mod which is for mcpc?????

  13. Whales4ever11 says:

    The Steve looks horrible (not because of the skin)

  14. Tienta says:

    Make it be addon for ios pls

  15. Kirsten says:

    From what it looks like it looks very weird (no offense)

  16. C.m says:

    this Mod is actually Funny,I think LOLS!

  17. Dimon says:

    This mod is strange

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