3D Textures [64×64]

The texture pack makes the default textures look a whole lot more realistic. They are designed in a way to create an illusion as if the textures are 3D. All of the major blocks like ores, wood and bricks have been redesigned but some have not yet been transformed. The textures look extraordinary as they just got a so much more realistic surface.

Creator: Sir O’ FiMiS

screenshot-2015-08-07-11-02 screenshot-2015-08-07-11-02_2

The cake is probably our personal favorite. It looks so tasty!



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62 Responses

4.7 / 5 (10 votes)
  1. Funkiestcord67 says:

    Plz make a new version id be more pleased if you make it a .mcpack or .mcaddon

  2. SmartMCKid2012 says:

    Can you make it for 1.12.0? it’s made on 2015 so FIX IT

  3. Idk says:

    I wish it was a mc pack

  4. Noo u nut have name says:

    This is cool 🙂

  5. aa says:

    Is it possible that you could make this pack into a .mcworld file?

  6. Alex says:

    Does this work for 1.7??

  7. Anonymous says:

    Can’t this be a mc.pack?

  8. Claudiu says:

    Can i use IT with faithful?

  9. GhostlyMods says:

    this thing is blocked fix pls

  10. Anonymous says:

    If it’s a resource pack then you can make it into a mc.pack right?

  11. DavTDM says:

    I can’t download it. I have an iPad it always takes me to files. Can u fix this?

  12. Aazan Amjad says:


  13. mcgg says:

    I cant install this pack😖😖

  14. Anonymous says:

    wont work for me, I have the latest version of windows 10 Minecraft, might this be why?

  15. SlashedKing says:

    Is it work for the latest update?

  16. CrazyGamer says:

    Can You do it …. McPack Pls

  17. Sam says:

    I find this texture pack 100/100 ign rating

  18. TrueMCYT says:

    Editor. Please Made This To .McPack

  19. TTD94 says:

    Dear editor, can this be made into a Download Resource .McPack because I can’t figure out how to do the .zip pack.

  20. Yrackaz says:

    I can’t download this, because when I type on download, I can just go on google drive, I can’t download this on minecraft pe.

  21. CarlErick629 says:

    Can you please update this to 1.0.x so we can enjoy this please it would mean the world to me, it would make my map so much more realistic, and please make it compatible with shaders,😃😃😃😃

  22. Enderfire03 says:

    Please add an Thanks!

  23. Brendon says:

    Can I use 1.02 with it?

  24. Hellomobsamdoggy says:

    Cool! It looks a lot like the plastic minecraft toys that are out there now

  25. zac says:

    it will not let me do it it automatically refreshes. does it work with windows 10??????

  26. zach says:

    hey can you fix it so i can download it like the rspe shader for mcpe

  27. McpeGrian says:

    Mcpe is already 3D then you made the texture pack 3D lol btw it’s cool

  28. Ogressive says:

    Hey editor, could you let me know if this texture pack will be updated or not?

  29. Ranchbearer says:

    A 1.0 .mcpack link would be absolutely amazing

  30. jan says:

    Yeah I m very interested in this type of texturepack I wold love it if you update it to 0.16.+

  31. Nathan says:

    Hello, is this texture pack going to be updated for the 0.16.0 and 1.0.0 update? And could you include a .mcpack folder download for iOS? (If you update it) thanks.

  32. Aspergerian says:

    Will this be updated to 1.0 anytime soon? (Even though it’s been a year and a half).

  33. leander says:

    can i use this for 0.16.1?

  34. JoshRyan66 says:

    It keeps going to GoodReader. Is it for ios?

  35. LordCreepernoz says:

    Please update this texture pack for minecraft pe 0.14.0

  36. Creeperlover says:

    Plss make it for 0.14.0 plss so i can tell my friend to download it because it so cool…

  37. catur says:

    The resolution is 64×64. What it mean?

  38. EOCPE_YT says:

    Its for 0.12?

  39. thebluehedge says:

    This all looks so 3d I even said that on a server because everything looked amazing

  40. Team tdm says:

    This tp name sir o fimis

  41. kimy says:

    Can i use this texture with a mod

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