5 HMG [Minigame]

5 HMG (Five Hard Minigame), is a map that contains five types of minigames that are programmed into minigames with a difficulty level above average that will feed you, confuse you and make you emotional

Some of the minigames contained in this map :

1. Maze

Maze is a minigame that has a complex, tortuous path system and has many dead ends.

Screenshot :

2. Find The Button

Find The Button is a very simple minigame because you are only looking for a hidden button, this minigame is one that is quite a pain.

Screenshot :

3. Push The Sand

Push The Sand is a minigame where the players are told to push the sand from one place to another place until it reaches its destination.

Screenshot :

4. Memories

Memories is a minigame that prioritizes memory, you only need to remember from one place to another place, whether there are different objects.

Screenshot :

5. Parkour

Parkour is a minigame that passes obstacles as efficiently and quickly as possible.

Screenshot :

Features :

1. No Mob

2. No time limit

3. No player limitation

(/setmaxplayers (The number you want))

4. Spawn point after each level completion

5. There are some parts that just don’t make sense

Others Screenshot :


- Download File

- Extract File

- Intsall Map

- Have Fun ^_^


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