5 Minecraft Decorating Blocks

There are some Decoration blocks in Minecraft like Bookshelf’s and paintings. But using them all the time in your Minecraft house makes it boring so I made this add-on to make 5 new different decoration blocks for your Minecraft world! Finally New blocks in MINECRAFT!!!

This is my first Add-on submission in MCPEDL!

But First Turn on (EXPERIMENTAL GAMEPLAY) On for this add-on to work!

There’s 5 different types of blocks in this add-on, all of the blocks don’t have any special functions it’s only for Decorations!

This are all 5 Decoration blocks in this mcaddon and they only work in commands!!!

If you want to pick a decoration block Just type in /give @p mdb:

Have fun making builds for your new 5 blocks in Minecraft!!!


Download this add-on in Mediafire Down below there's a link for the website!


Supported Minecraft versions


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13 Responses

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  1. And thank you for not linking it to adfly or linkvertise.

  2. Cool!
    But please add functions for the blocks!
    And crafting recipes!

    My ideas:
    -fridge crafting= chest recipe but with ice and an iron block at the bottom
    -cabinet/drawers hold 5/10 slots of items
    -fridge holds 3 slots of food items

    And please add a chair!

    Love this addon!

  3. Kara _Abrahams says:

    Great job! Keep updating!

  4. K'sMCPE says:

    Thank you! But in the future I’ll add more updates for this 🙂

  5. IcEWaRRiOr says:

    Awesome! You read my mind, dude.

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