5 TNT Player Launchers

Here are 5 different TNT player launchers that will launch you from 60 to 3,000+ blocks in the air! You can try out and rebuild them for yourself. Each launcher is different and will propel you a different height into the air!  

Feel free to use these ideas to create your own TNT player launcher. Some of these launchers are great to try while wearing elytra! The launchers are ordered from easiest to most complicated, as well as how high they will throw you. The first 4 launchers use redstone, and the final launcher uses command blocks. 

Note: Remember to be in creative mode while trying the launchers (your game mode will be in creative as a default).

Created by ItsDandD and IwanamalawI

Here is a video demonstration with a Non-Adfly download link in the description:

Thanks for your support!

Here are a few pictures:


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