50 Command Example’z

50 command block creations are here. I made 50 insane command block creations for you. I bet you that you will get inspired by my creations, and most of my creations are based on real life items.

Hello I’m HereJustCraft from the Philippines, i made this map because I’m bored at home and I know you are too. By the way, I made 50 command creations such as:

  • Escalators

  • Mob Bosses

  • Armoring System

  • House Builder

  • Food Cooker

  • Chairs/Ridable Turtles

  • Television/T.V.

  • Morphing Machine

  • Command Made Crafting Table
  • Uncrafting Table
  • Command Doors
  • Elevators
  • Self Building House
  • Chest/Storage System
  • Ore Detector
  • Trash Can
  • Customizable Mobs
  • Customizable Time/Weather
  • Lifebelts 
  • etc. 

There are 5 room in this Map, every room has 10 Command Example’z

Each room has an end and a portal, when you go to the portal it will automatically lead you to the next room, every portal has a good animations or show…. 

Sorry for my English! 


This map was buggy, meaning sometimes a command creations are laggy because of too much command blocks like the 4rt Room & the Armor Stand Builder. 

Social Media! 

  • Justine Santos
  • Justine Dimaano


  • Jhustism
Please follow me on my Social Media account and message me if you find some bug in my map so i can fix them THANK YOU! 


To Install this map, I've given you 2 options. Choose one. You can DOWNLOAD the .mcworld file or .zip

For the .mcworld edition you should be able to import it. For the .zip edition you can download it, unzip it and move the folder inside to your MinecraftWorlds folder. Hopefully this was convenient for you.


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12 Responses

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  1. Guest-1516873663 says:

    I love this mod and stay from cv everyone. Once again i love this mod yor a freaking legend.

  2. Guest-2552028676 says:

    Jeron wayne maldan pa add

  3. Guest-9451963024 says:

    Bat nasasaktan ako nung umupo ako sa parang helmet na yun

  4. Guest-8304678238 says:

    Uy pa add fb haha ang galing mo gumawa

  5. Meloneni says:

    What is version? My Minecraft say your is new version, my is 1.14.60

  6. Guest-4693769012 says:

    Cool, Pretty simple commands! I hope to see some elaborate ones in the future

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