5489: Glitched Village

Villages aren’t always perfectly generated. Sometimes, as in this case, parts of the houses in a village are removed and other times houses are generated underground. We’ve reviewed several such seeds in the past but it’s nonetheless fun to come across these and see what they got.

In this particular seed you will spawn in a village. The first sight might not show much but once you go for a walk around the village you will notice that one wall of the stone tower is missing and the blacksmith is situated like two blocks underneath ground.

buggy3 buggy buggy2

Here are the items you will find in the blacksmith’s chest:

  • 7 obsidians
  • 2 saplings
  • 3 ink sacks
  • 2 bread loaves

Seed: 5489

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3 Responses

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  1. Ronan says:

    This seed is so weird

  2. Gasboss775 says:

    This sort of works in 1.5.0 but the church isn’t cut in half and the contents of the chest are different, I forget the exact contents but it wasn’t as good as in the originally generated world.

    On the plus side there are still the sunken buildings and there is plenty of trees nearby for wood supplies ( and apples : ) )

    There is also a desert biome next to the village that I haven’t explored yet.

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