7 Overpowered Swords (No Mods, No Add-On)

Welcome to 7 Overpowered Swords, basically this is working with 100% Command Blocks

This is having Web Sword, Lightning Sword, Spin Sword, Ice Sword, Fire Sword, TNT Sword and the WITHER Sword

#7 OP Swords

First is the “Web Sword” – That can trap/slow the enemy in the cobweb a useful sword right?

But it is not working in to the players : (

Second is the “Lightning Sword” – That can summon/struck a mob by lightning bolt what a super op sword, but becareful don’t use this in to the Pigs, Villager, Or Creeper or otherwise they’ll will transform into a Zombified Piglin, Witch, And Charged Creeper so becareful

Third is the “Spin Sword” – That can teleport the mobs near to you but, they’ll is spinning so you can easily kill them all little bit useful right?, but NOT the all mobs in the world is will teleporting near to you, only that in radius 10 that will teleport near to you

Fourth is the “Ice Sword” – That can trap/freeze the all mobs in the ice in radius 10 only but it is not working in players, this is useful when you at a bad situation (theres a horde of creepers) just use this and then boom they all gonna trap in the ice lol

Fifth is the “Fire Sword” – That can trap a any mobs (execept for flying mobs) in a pit of a fire, however when you use this in a big slime he will not trap because he is so big

Sixth is the “TNT Sword” – That can summon tnt and blow up the mobs near you but becareful if that sword is start to summon just run far away or else the tnt is gonna hurt you so becareful 

And the last one is the “WITHER Sword” – That can give any mobs near to you an wither effect 5 with 60 seconds, the mobs will no escape in this sword they’ll DIE, however this is not working in the players only for mobs, the boss like a ender dragon and wither is immune in this effect so they will not affect with this effect 

If you want more OP Weapons just support me in rank me up into a stone miner or subscribe to my channel thats easy

My YT Channel : ItzJrPlayzYT : JrGamer9876

The video that i made in this map : Video

  So Download Now⬇ Enjoy😆🆒

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I just add something... And TIP: Destroy the commandblock under the door (only the purple one) then drink a milk and the effects is gonna gone


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  1. Killer Wolf Z says:

    VERY AWESOME OP SWORDS PLEASE MAKE 5 OP CROSSBOWS OR 5 OP SHIELDS LIKE for example the one of the Shields can fire TNT at the mob or knock the Mob like 50/100 blocks away and one of the crossbows can for example fire tons of arrows at once

  2. ᴡɪʟʟ says:

    If you go into creative mode under the spawn there are a bunch of command blocks just delete the redstone and it stops

  3. uhhh you get stuck in slowness and the swords barely work ;-;

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