75 Ways To Die [Puzzle] [Minigame]

In this map you will have to prepare yourself to die for 75 times, attention, it is not as easy as you might think. Are you ready to die? Download the map now!

Dying is normally not something you should strive for in Minecraft. However, in this map, that is the only way to proceed in the levels. Each level is a small puzzle inside a square shaped room where your objective is to find a way to kill yourself in order to access the next level. It’s a really fun and new way to play Minecraft.

Creator: Scerri, YouTube Channel

Changelog View more

-Mc.World file has been fixed

-more torches were placed in the final room of the game, to prevent them from spowning mobs and creating bugs

-Optimized for new versions, it will be more stable

-Small bugs have been fixed

-The map has been optimized for new versions

-In this update the map has not undergone major changes, but the creator of the map is always ready to update it to optimize it for new versions

-The images of presentations have been changed, and updated to the current map version

-the map supports new versions

Read Changelog :

-Bug Fixes

-The last level has been set up but at the same time complicated

-the passage between level 73-74 has been fixed


Supported Minecraft versions

1.11 1.12

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116 Responses

4.51 / 5 (51 vote)
  1. Anonymous says:

    Have you even tested the map? I had to skip a few levels (for example, Iron golems don’t attack you if you built them)

    • Scerri says:

      When I created the map it was all right, the golem level hit you when the map was out, but with the various minecraft updates going forward, they created bugs, such as the golem that no longer hits you and other bugs in others levels that I’m always trying to fix, even if in some cases I can’t. The levels, however, should move you forward without problems. Unfortunately, this map is very sensitive to updates. Do you think that to make the invisible blocks I had to use the command “vex” that do / barrier. In case you find other bugs write me!

  2. Yusuf says:

    Hey make this map for please i want to play this map it’s look interesting please as soon as possible.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I do not know how to use command blocks. How do you do level 49

  4. unknown says:

    The map doesn’t upload and I don’t know what u mean by uploading it manually

  5. Red 96 says:

    I remember playing this map when i was younger but it just fails to import the level 🙁

  6. uknown says:

    i dont like it i LOVE it

  7. PopCup2 says:

    I am stuck on level 47 I am so confused plus I did get the questions right but I don’t get how you teleport to the next level. Help ( btw I think the rest of the map is really cool ) 🙂

    • Scerri says:

      Thank you very much, I have tested all the levels and they work well, then unfortunately there are some bugs since it is a great map and every time I try to update it, new bugs are created. Are you sure you didn’t destroy any mechanism?

  8. TheCrazy says:

    You. Are. Mean. I am nit doing that hole map again 😂

  9. armourplays2019 says:

    This map is really cool! It deserves 5 stars!

  10. LynxOfPower says:

    In the iron golem level (level 21 I think) it will glitch and say Im in level 75 AND the iron golem wont kill me can you fix this?

    • Scerri says:

      In version it killed you, but since they did the marine update it does not do it anymore and I did not understand why. Throw yourself from the level window, do it first

    • THIS MAP IS FAKE says:

      File is 0.93 mb and a have 1.93 gb free yet it won’t download… Deleted a lot of things and still Minecraft says “level import failed” BUT WHY!!! EXPLAIN!!!!

  11. Aerodynamic says:

    May I kindly ask how can I store the files into the game. Pls respond..

  12. RainbowGama says:

    Hey! Do you mind if I make a video! It seems really cool! P.S. I feel like I die every time I get in Minecraft

  13. Noneedtoknow says:

    I wouldn’t teleport me to the next level after the minecart one

  14. PhantomZNeuroX says:

    I broke the map on the neather lelvel by not going through the obsadian and making a neather portal

  15. Pravesh Kumar says:

    Oh loved it the only thing the map is a bit hard. but its ok lovd it

  16. Ethan says:

    This is the exact map for me because whenever I’m in survival I pretty much die instantly, so five stars for this map!

  17. Shopvil says:

    Great job!!

  18. poison eye says:

    nice game but in level 2 it was so hard to die because the arrow keeps hitting the roof ;-; but who cares I did it anyways nice map

    • Scerri says:

      Thank you very much for your support, in fact you have to pull slowly and the wall above has been put to complicate the whole more, playing a difficult map is fun no? Good luck with the next levels, they are not easy! 😀

  19. KoolKid says:

    A-MA-ZING!!!! This is hard but not too hard and… yeah

  20. Anonymous says:

    Way to hard and most of the level where impossible

  21. Minecraft player says:

    Hi! Great map but I have no idea how to do level 8??!! Please help

  22. Anonymous says:

    What do you click to download

  23. Liv says:

    Can it be played with two people? I haven’t played yet but five stars lol

  24. Nikki says:

    Hiya! I’m Nikki and I think this map is totally great! Thank you for making it, I understand Minecraft better now thanks to you, Your awesome thanks!

  25. HiMCPEDL says:

    This map doesnt work in multiplayer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Scerri says:

      Of course, it does not go into multiplayer this map, it should be played in singleplayer, at the beginning I thought to make settings for multiplayer commands, but I decided to do in singleplayer, because the map should be played so

  26. NeilCarabelli_YT says:

    I Hate it because for some reason when I was on a level it took me back to level 26 and it kept on doing it and it said Level 25 the nether if you fix this I’ll give you 5 stars.

    • Scerri says:

      Because nice level (21) or that of the ‘Iron Golem, if you have split the invisible blocks, you should not, used to not pass the Golem in the platform, and change all the settings of spown while you play, this also applies to the level of the zombie, the witch, the zombie pigman, and other levels regarding the mobs, I’ll soon make sense at that level

  27. Mack says:

    Welp, I managed to completely break the game on the command block level. Good job, MacKinley.

  28. iPad 4 User says:

    Hey there, nice map! The only hard part I have come across so far is level 2. I spawned in a room with a chest and nothing else. And there was nothing in the chest. Is there supposed to be something in there?

  29. Aspect_Power says:

    Great Map Thxs for making it!!!!

  30. alejandroAzArA says:

    super cool i like it many good lol

  31. alejandroAzArA says:

    super cool i like it

  32. person says:

    i dont know how to complete level 2! i know its a really early level but im stuck ): pls help!

    • Scerri says:

      you have to load slowly, do not force the arrows up and automatically come back, hit on the head, making sure you take damage, you need 3 arrows on your head to die

  33. Anonymous says:

    Is there a walk through?

  34. JustTqmZbhj says:

    At the level with the enderpearls, I glitched out of the map, it’s that the meaning of it or is the map broken? It’s also a bit hard so make it a bit less hard.

    • Scerri says:

      Dying on minecraft does not always have to be as easy as it is believed, in fact some levels have made it very difficult on purpose even if the difficulty is HARD, like the first level, because otherwise there is no fun in the map. For the level of Pearl enders if you came out of the cube is not a bug but not even a thing made on purpose, committed suicide with the Pearl enders and go to the next level without problems 😀

  35. Luca Cipolla says:

    SONO ITALIANOOOOOO!! Questa mappa è molto bella peccato per alcuni livelli facili o in survivle che avresti potuto mettere nei vari picconi le robe che puoi distruggere determinati blocchi. ti avrei messo 4 stelle però sei italiano e quindi 5. sono fiorentino, tu?

    • Scerri says:

      Ciao, grazie per la recensione, ne sono grato, lo so alcuni livelli non ho messo certa roba per rendere il livello più difficile, troppo facile non è così divertente :-/, comunque vengo dall’Emilia Romagna :-), un piacere vedere un italiano sotto questa mappa!

    • Scerri says:

      Grazie della recensione positiva della mappa, vengo da Emilia Romagna, alcuni livelli sono facili ma perché a volte per morire su minecraft non è difficile xD ma ci sono anche quelli difficili

  36. Infinitephoen1x says:

    I dunno… can’t you just mine the sea lanterns?

    • Scerri says:

      do you explain better please? I am Italian and I use Google translator, and maybe Google translates it badly: – /, I only understood (you can not undermine the sea lanterns) maybe I misunderstood or well, let me know! 🙂

  37. Uganda says:

    Do you know da wae?

  38. CoolStarDood says:

    Does this require the actual beta? Or the experimental gameplay toggle?

    • Scerri says:

      this is a map not in beta, but unfortunately and I do not know why not me but the MCPDEL has put it in beta, maybe put it in beta because at the beginning when I published the map, it had many bugs, but quiet, the map you can play it without problems, if there are bugs warn me

  39. ChloeAng says:

    Perfect for me cause in survival first thing happens*dies*

  40. Timedylan10 says:

    Very good map (a tip do /gamerule commandblockoutput false and /gamerule sendcommandfeedback false)so you do not see the commands 😉

    And i did on level 10 or 11 with the command block /kill @e so it kill zombies,minecarts,…

    • Scerri says:

      I know, but if I would go to put gamer as a command, I would go to ruin the map, because I would go to bag some levels, for example the damage from falling no longer works etc …: – /

  41. Shadow says:

    I really wish that it would have mentioned the EXTREME parcore in the description, can’t even do the first level.

  42. DanTDM says:

    Ahh hey nice map im gonna use this for my new latest MCBE video cauze im gonna start making MCBE videos now. THX!

  43. SuperGamer3304 says:


  44. Scerri says:

    Thank you very much, I hope you do well with the map, good luck and have fun, yes, some levels are challenging if not worse, but because if it is too easy it would be ugly 🙁

  45. Maddie_my2007 says:

    I recommend this too absolutely any one it is fantastic! And some levels are a little challenging but it is still absolutely amazing! Well done for a new map this is just fantastic! Just wow! Straight up five ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

  46. HirwrC says:

    This map is created exactly for me. I can do there that what I’m best at. DYING!!!

  47. RaRaaf matakaca says:

    Good lah

  48. TheMysterisSteve says:

    On level 10 I did in the command block: execute @p ~ ~2 ~ kill @p and then I died repeatedly help. I still rate 5 stars tho 🙂

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