818010429: Triple Normal Village

Spawns can often be quite boring like on a wide open field with just a couple of trees here and there – it’s nothing too exciting, don’t you agree?

But here’s the kicker:

Sometimes we are lucky finding the spawn gold nuggets and that’s what we want to share with you here today.

In this seed you will spawn in front of a triple village which got all the resources you will need to get started on your journey in Minecraft.

Found by: TelepathicGrunt


Not only does it offer plenty of farms for you to harvest but also some fun views like this one where it looks like a farm has been generated on the side of/in a house.


The village is quite big as it’s a triple village so there are plenty of areas to explore.

screenshot-2015-04-08-12-03 screenshot-2015-04-08-12-03_2

In the village furthest away you will find a blacksmith and a chest. In the chest you will find the following items.

  • bread
  • iron ingots
  • iron leggings


Seed: 818010429

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9 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    below this village is the portal to END…

  2. mike smith says:

    There is a stronghold underneath the well in the villiage

  3. Izlude says:

    For Win10 Edition, this is a highly recommended seed. Dig in fellas! Not only is the starting point pretty good (well for me it was in the wilderness) you SHOULD now spawn in the village itself, there are a lot of cool places to see in this world. There’s a mine shaft behind the village if you dig in the right place, there’s massive caves with diamonds o’plenty… The sights are a lot nicer looking than most seeds I’ve used so far. You won’t be getting bored with this world anytime soon. I’ve kept mine on survival since day 1 (whenever this game was released, literally day 1).

    My village died on the first day too, but I revived it just a week ago 😛 yea that long sorry villagers lol… Since mining everything out around me, I moved on in the world. Crossed a few oceans and found a birch tree forest. There’s a smaller village out there. Just settled it and I’m gonna see what’s underground out there. Such an awesome seed!!!

  4. Khayla says:

    When did you know this seed?

  5. TelepathicGrunt says:

    Wow. I messed up my own username that I use on all three places. Fail. Lol


    is there many secret in the village kinda like strongholds in the well dungeon and massive caves? and why it tags in v0.11.0

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