8x Redemption PvP Pack (PvP/Nether Update)

Do you want to get a better connection to a Server or you Survival/Creative Minecraft World? Do you want to retain the Default Minecraft feeling while having a 8×8 Texture pack? Do you want to have a Epic PvP Texture pack with Small swords and a TON of Particles? 
Introducing the First 8×8 PvP Pack: 

 8x Redemption 

f Before you move further down I recommend checking out this short overview of the pack:


Do you like Small Swords? Me too!

Small Swords AND an Amazing Enchant Glint???

Searching for a 8×8 Pack with Transparent Leaves? We’ve got you covered!

Like a LOT of Crit Particles?

Do you like the Vanilla Textures? Don’t worry, the 8×8 Textures are almost all 90% Percent Replicas or Zoomed in Versions of Default 16×16 Minecraft.

And Minecraft Looks Just as good, Maybe even better… Then 16×16, all thanks to the Default Feeling

Want Optifine (Borderless) Glass? 

Want a Epic Gamer loading screen as your breaking animation?

If you wish to use anything in this Pack/Make a Revamp or anything Similar, Please Contact me on Discord, 

Tag: MichaelBricks#4477


This Pack has almost all major blocks in 8×8 – (which will reduce your lag significantly), but it does not have blocks such as the Fletcher Table, Blast Furnace, or some Nether Blocks. As they only appear in few quantities, thereby not straining Minecraft as much. I will make them into 8×8 some day but for now some blocks that appear more have priority.

I will be updating this pack every few Weeks so stay tuned!



Changelog View more

Version 6.0 (PvP & Nether Update) [Full Changelog]


- Version Without 8x8 Blocks!

- Better Sound Effects

- New Sword Deisgn

- Black Grip for Tools

- New Grass Block Color

- Shorter Pickaxes

- Shorter Axes

- Shorter Shovels

- Shorter Hoes (idk why tho lol)

- New Shading for Tools

- New Arrow Design

- Reversed Bow Loading, Green>Yellow>Red. Not Red>Yellow>Green.

- Smaller Gapples (less intrusion when pvping)

- Added New Crit Particles

- Added New Diamond Design

- New Diamond Armor Coloring

- Added New Bow Design

- New Heart Design

- Smaller Pearls

- Smaller Apple

- See Lanter 8x8

- Water 8x8

- Lava 8x8 (Very glitchy for some reason)


- Light Blue Fire (to fit the theme)

- 8x8 Nether Portal

- Kelp 8x8

- (Sponsored by) Honey 8x8 (not really lol)

- End Portal 8x8

- End Gateway 8x8

- Concrete Powwder 8x8 (all blocks)

- Cake 8x8 (BEST BLOCK OMG, jk)

- Restone Torch 8x8

- Snowman 8x8

- Cactus 8x8

- Beehive 8x8

- Vine 8x8

- Web 8x8

- New Menu Title

- New Fishing Rod & Hook Design

- Bed 8x8

- Anvil 8x8

- Slime Block 8x8

- Crafting Table 8x8

- Upgraded Crosshair

- Ender Chest 8x8

- Double Normal & Trapped Chest 8x8

- Nether Wart 8x8

- Soul Soil 8x8

- JukeBox 8x8

- Nether Gold Ore 8x8

- Note Block 8x8

- Warped Nylium 8x8

- Warped Warp 8x8

- Polished Blackstone & Brick 8x8

- Polished Basalt 8x8

- Lodestone 8x8

- Glided Blackstone 8x8

- Cracked Nether Brick 8x8

- Blackstone 8x8

- Chiseled Polished Blackstone 8x8

- Chiseled Nether Brick 8x8

- Basalt 8x8

- Ancient Debris 8x8

- Crimson Log 8x8

- Crimson Planks 8x8

- Crimson Trapdoor 8x8

- Stripped Crimson 8x8

- Stripped Warp 8x8

- Warped Planks 8x8

- Warped Log 8x8

- Warped Trapdoor 8x8

- Crying Obsidian 8x8

- Crimson Nylium

- Cracked Polished Blackstone 8x8

- Respawn Anchor 8x8

- Missing Tile 8x8

- Tall and Short Grass 8x8

- Made Potion Necks Shorter

- Changed XP Bottle Design


- Fixed All Particles except Crit Hits Missing

- Critial Particles spawn rate

- Redstone Lamp 8x8

- Enchanting Table 8x8

- Barrier 8x8

- Waterlily 8x8

- 8x8 Block images being 16x16 (lmao)

- Restone Block 8x8

- Pumkin Head 8x8

- Tnt 8x8

- Chainmail Armor Item

- Sky Top

- Nether Brick Color

Version 5.1 (Block Update v3)

Added 24+ of Blocks, some of which are:
Tnt 8x8,
Bookshelf 8x8,
Compster 8x8,
Barrel 8x8,
Melon 8x8, 
Item frame 8x8,
Beacon 8x8,
Prismarine 8x8,
Soul Sand 8x8,
Big Ore design and Background update, 
Enchanting glint,
Particle Height,
+Plus so much more! 
(Full Changelog in the Description of the Pack once in

Version 4.9 (Fix Update)

Added Invisible Hud & Chest

Added Partial Dark Mode

Fixed Pack size

Fixed Title Screen

Fixed Particles

Fixed Sky Background

+Plus so much more!

(Full Changelog in the Description of the Pack once in Minecraft)

Version 4.8 (Mini Block Update v2)

Fixed Background Corruption,

Added tons of new blocks:

Glowstone 8x8,

Furnace 8x8, 

Farmland 8x8,

+ Bug Fixes.

(Full Changelog in the Description of the Pack once in Minecraft)

Version 4.8 (Elegance Update v2)

Fixed File Size, 
Fixed Sky,
Added Clear Water,
Fixed Low Fire, 
Added New Enchantment glint-
(Fully Changelog in the Description of the Pack once in Minecraft)

Version 4.6 (Elegance Update)

Custom Background,

All the Ice Blocks, 

Custom Menu Title,  

Reworked leaves, 

Invisible Hotbar Background. 

(All changes in the Description of the pack once in Minecraft)

Block Update!

Added 30+  8x8 Textures!
Removed Menu Background,
fixed a few bugs,
and so much more! 
(Check full change-log in the pack description once on Minecraft)


1. Download the Pack

2. Double Tap/Click on it to apply it to Minecraft.

3. Enjoy the Pack!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16


16x 8x

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90 Responses

4.8 / 5 (15 votes)
  1. Guest-3455521692 says:

    I love this resource pack and can you update the potion particle effects as well since you changed crits particles?

  2. Guest-4058707370 says:

    I prefered the old sword design a lot more but it is still a very good texture pack
    Good job

  3. Guest-2792531642 says:

    Is there low fire?

  4. Guest-1410239019 says:

    I have a issue with the bow on the skeleton. It is extended, and I don’t know why. plz fix

  5. Guest-5177393006 says:

    Could you make a mob trading card s mod. when you kill a mob you get the mobs card

  6. Guest-8302193813 says:

    This is such i good pack i really want you to update izt pls!

  7. Guest-5531166195 says:

    Pls update this pack!!!

  8. Guest-8552415604 says:

    Yo when are you going to update this to 1.16

  9. Guest-2147366341 says:

    Is there going to be an update because of the new 1.16 update the texture pack doesn’t work

  10. Guest-6292667387 says:

    Best PvP texture 😀

  11. Guest-1067342158 says:

    This texture pack is exactly what I’m looking for! I can’t thank you enough for making this. I’m excited to see future updates!

  12. Guest-6155570419 says:

    Is there a chance I’m able to get a ui of the crosshair? I really like the crosshair but I realized that it’s in the icons and it will affect the other texture pack’s icons as well. And if I delete the icons on this pack, I won’t have the crosshair.

  13. Guest-5149444560 says:

    Dude is it even legal to have a Bedrock PvP texture pack THIS good? My god is this fantastic, everything about it is perfect. Also i know that the outlined ore is something youre still thinking about, BUT may I say that you ARE selling the point of downloading it because its a PvP pack but it also works as a survival too. So like it would still be hella nice in survival to have it as well as it pleasing the PvP community.

  14. Guest-7579625157 says:

    Thx for the pack am post a vid on the pack if u want you could watch my yt channel is santiturbo6

  15. Guest-6981856346 says:

    Its Perfect!

  16. Guest-3376125803 says:

    Its Great And All, But Could You Add Borders To The Ore? Thats Like The Main Priority In Some PvP Servers

    • Chr7st says:

      I’ve had the suggestion before… It’s a win/loss situation for me right now, on one hand it will please the PvP community using my pack, but anger some of the survival users of this pack.
      I wish i could please all parties but that’s just impossible this early in development.

  17. Guest-7766576148 says:

    its soooooooooooooooooooooo Good!!!!!

  18. Guest-5291478851 says:

    The texture pack looks really dope, but I just wanna ask to be sure. Can I use this on the pocket edition of minecraft? Not the Java edition?

  19. Guest-2143065717 says:

    Maybe you could switch between normal and custom background. I’m a fan of the pack, but I don’t really like the sky

    • Chr7st says:

      There is a setting in mc called “beautiful sky” u just turn that off and the sky will be gone.
      go to settings>video>scroll down and look for the setting and turn it off.

  20. Guest-1162730513 says:

    hey can i take this pack and put in my client badtiger cuz im the owner of it can i

  21. Guest-9831427090 says:

    The pack is great! I like the tiny sword and 8× but will you retexture any of the other tools?

  22. Very good, and not lagging

  23. Guest-3040848109 says:

    Its cool and all but do can you make one without the zoomed version of the blocks?thx!

  24. Guest-5770338199 says:

    This is a really great PvP texture pack for Bedrock edition.

  25. Guest-4701015351 says:

    Could you create a pack with just the crosshair please?

  26. Guest-3297562774 says:

    Is there a chance to retexture the minecraft tools? I rlly want new tools. It’s a great texture pack btw.

  27. MilesPrower says:

    would there be a version of the pack for java ??

  28. Guest-2498282840 says:

    Is there a way to edit the texture pack and remove the sky? I have a shader that changes the sky and it bugs the sky out when I have this pack and the shader enabled.

    • Chr7st says:

      Yes, so what you do is you change the name of the pack from .mcpack to .zip. You then extract the contents and go to the extracted pack>textures>enviorement>and delete the cubemap folder.That shoul let you see the Shader sky : ). If you have any other issues feel free to contact me!

      • Guest-6938100955 says:

        Thank u it worked I was confused for a sec cuz I did it but it didn’t work before i commented this. I tried the zip idea and it worked perfectly! (btw I think my guest name changed)

  29. Guest-6256103523 says:

    i like the tiny sword 😀

  30. Guest-4266089116 says:

    To make this pack better. Could you just have the normal minecraft sky and make it in 16×16 format. The 8×8 blocks kind of throw me off which I seem really large for some reason. But other that that a really good texture pack

  31. Guest-6144039464 says:

    Amazing! I love the 8×8 Format! Also the Background is sooo cool!
    Will you ever add full dark mode?

    • Chr7st says:

      Hi! Thanks for the comment! Happy you love the pack!
      To address your question, it’s a yes/no. While yes I want to add full Dark Mode, I won’t add it on Chests and Inventory, as that will remove the Invisibility and PvP part of the pack.

  32. milkymemes42090 says:

    I love it, ive been looking for pvp texture packs that are 8×8 and it feels nice looks smooth and simple!

  33. Guest-6936119582 says:

    Love ur resource pack, Good Job!

  34. Guest-8225505999 says:

    i’m not intending to be mad but… why do you change the sky and the menu and the hotbar to a seriously horrendous pink and purple background? why don’t you just publish the texture pack only without the sky and the background turning really bad?

    • Chr7st says:

      Last time I checked the menu and the hotbar are not pink/purple, and I understand it’s preference! So no hard feelings. If you don’t like it turn off “Beautiful Sky” in the settings.
      It’s all preference based, so if you like a different color let me know! I might make one just for you 🙂

      • Guest-1989063228 says:

        ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ok!

  35. Guest-7595586224 says:

    can you make it compatible with file explorer

  36. Guest-5388709066 says:

    The leaves aren’t transparent, and the Betula leaves in the icon are pink but in the reality they are green

    • Chr7st says:

      Yes leaves are transparent, make sure. You go to Settings>Video>And Scroll down until you see the “Fancy Leaves” option, that has to be turned on. And the leaves will be pink, I made a slight mistake with the environment color, Sorry about that. I am going to add that in the next update, thank you for the Bug report!

  37. Chr7st says:

    By common I don’t mean used the most. Grass appears a lot for example. It’s not like you have an entire world with millions of crafting tables, blocks that “strain Minecraft” bcs they appear a lot are prioritized.
    Thank you for Commenting,

  38. Guest-9731568297 says:

    Cool but the crafting table SHOULD be priority as it literally is one of the most common blocks

    • Chr7st says:

      By common I don’t mean used the most. Grass appears a lot for example. It’s not like you have an entire world with millions of crafting tables, blocks that “strain Minecraft” bcs they appear a lot are prioritized.
      Thank you for Commenting,

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