MCPEDL - Bedrock Edition

By Yuzhore
Published on 28 Sep, 2022
New Mutant creatures for Minecraft bedrock edition created by YuzhoreThis mutant creatures was different to rhex mutant creatures and Jujustyle7 mutant creatures I created a new...
By D Flog Flag
Published on 18 Sep, 2022
Skin Pack
This is a skin pack that has more than 1000 different Skins, a large part of these Skins are made by me, but not all of them, some were made by my Discord community! It has Skin...
By QwertyLilley
Published on 27 Apr, 2021
The purpose of this add-on is to bring story mode exclusive features to your Minecraft world. It is an add-on that will add new entities, blocks, and items that will make your w...
By Nul And Diz Studios
Published on 9 May, 2023
There are entirely way to little pets in the game, and way to little accually good RIDABLE pets. So we fixed that, adding 4 new mounts to the game! Hi, we're Nul And Diz Studios...
By billeyzambie
Published on 26 Jul, 2023
This is an add-on that implements 37 mobs to the game, specifically pets and fish, most of which can be useful in unique ways that make them worth interacting with in survival, ...
By OrcaWorld
Published on 30 Mar, 2021
This is so strange, that Mojang don't want to add moles in MC. Time to change this, just download my first add-on, that brings cute and tameable moles in your Minecraft world. W...
By Raxtus
Published on 15 Aug, 2021
Congratulations to RageElixir For Hitting 4 Million Subscribers! If you're a fan of Rage (Being part of the #RageNation) or stopping by here on this page. You should definitely ...