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Hyper Car Racing

Hyper Car Racing

This is a beautiful raceway with cars, the type depending on which version you download. The old one uses a Lamborghini, a Ferrari, and a ...
Nether Spawn Addon Addon

Nether Spawn Addon

With the introduction of the 1,16 nether update the nether is now habitable but unfortunately there isn't a way to start inside of the nether and ...
Aqua Clan PvP Arena

Aqua Clan PvP Arena

Warning : This map is still in progress, if you find any bugs or misconceptions, please send me a message on Discord : @CraftySim#9476The Aqua Clan ...
XP Storage Addon Addon

XP Storage Addon

Introduction:Ever want to store you XP in minecraft but can't? Tired of dying and losing your 30 levels because a creeper snuck behind you? Well ...
Slope Addon Addon

Slope Addon

Want to break the cube rules of minecraft and have slopes?! Well now you can with my slope addon! There are so many possibilities with ...