A Bunch of Villages, Structures and More! (Seed)

This seed has a bunch of normal / abandoned villages  , Ice Spike biome ,  Two Desert Temples , Jungle Fortress ,  and a Pillager Outpost ! there is probably more, but  that will be for you to explore! Enjoy the seed ((;

Ice Spike Biome:

1528, 63, 440


This isn’t really anything special, but I think it’ll be cool for a base

1643, 75, -653

(the pic was taken from a different angle.)




By the temple, you will find a village with two black smiths! (I do not want to show images of the villages, depending on how many chunks you have loading you should see all of them as you walk through)

Go to this coordinate: 

go inside ! there is a spawner , you may need water so you can land inside safely. or really anything to break the fall, go near the dark end and you should see it.   

On screen 

 Ship wreck! woo this seed has quite a bit

the rest is for you to explore :

Seed ID


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