A Proper Apocalypse Addon

This addon is suitable for older players who want a new and more challenging experience in Minecraft. Lots of zombies will spawn during the daytime and occasionally a zombie pigman will spawn as well in the Overworld. Find out if you have what it takes to survive in a zombie apocalypse.

Creator: SirconolTwitter Account
Updated: 1 October, 2017 (read changelog)


  • Lots of zombies spawn during the day, and occasionally zombie pigmen spawn as well. It’s extremely challenging according to Sirconol.
  • Zombies do not burn during the day. However, they do have both less health and attack damage.
    • Health: 12 (6 hearts) (vanilla: 10 hearts)
    • Attack damage: 2 (vanilla: 3)
    • (The nerf only applies to zombies and not zombie pigmen. This had to be implemented because it was too difficult to survive otherwise.)
  • Husks spawn rarely during the day. Husks also drop bows since spiders spawn less frequently.
  • Witches will now throw potions and summon skeletons. Skeletons do not burn in the day and use their former comrades as weapons. These witches played with magic they do not understand and are suffering the consequences. Their necromancy experiments started the apocalypse, yet they still do necromancy.
  • Deserts are almost entirely zombie free. And different biomes have different amounts of zombies spawning.
  • The night is more safe than during the day. Much less zombies spawn during the night. So sleeping is a catch 22. Do you want the grace period or do you want to set your spawn?
  • Strays melee attack and walks slower.
  • Skeletons are faster.
  • Known Issue: Lag. After doing /kill @e a few times the amount of drops would lag their device. The device was of a low end model so if you have a low end device keep this in mind (iPad mini 2).

Developer Note: If this addon does well I’ll add more features. I have school right now and I may do other addon projects. I’m also going to go into wrestling hopefully so I will be more busy than usual.


  • Bug fixes
  • Husks now spawn very rarely during the day. The husk has 17.5 hearts and 6 attack damage. Husks always drop bows because spiders don’t spawn much.
  • Stray will now melee attack and attacks will cause slowness. They also walk slower.
  • Skeletons are faster. This is because if you kill a husk to get a bow and then kill skeletons to get arrows, so this is a major component to survival.

Developer’s Note: Survival Tip: Water can push away zombies, so get a bucket or go near a water source to help you survive.


  1. Download Behavior .McPack
  2. Activate the pack for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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39 Responses

4.26 / 5 (23 votes)
  1. Nothing says:

    Sounds so good! But just can’t download it!

  2. Darez says:

    Why ender pearl isnt working properly and the skeleton bugged.
    if u can fix it

  3. SACREDSPUD says:

    i wish you added some range weapons so it’ll be amazing

  4. EliteSurvivor1 says:

    Weird glitch but the skeletons still fire arrow but out of thin air :/

  5. DiamondcreeperMG says:

    Can I make an mal with this addon? I will give credit to you.

  6. JohnnyRock199 says:

    Could you add guns to this add-on?

  7. Mircat9000 says:

    If zombies don’t burn, why do zombie villagers burn?

  8. JC says:

    Honestly I wish you added a range weapon or a apocalypse type weapon to fend of the zombies. It will be a lot more realistic if this happens

  9. GrimMetal says:

    Nice add more features pls…

  10. 5tr4 says:

    One addon I want somebody to make next , is an addon that adds (or retextures an existing item’s unused data value) an item that causes the player to shrink from 2 blocks to one block. And a way to grow back.

  11. Crafters_Cre3d says:

    Man I was looking for something like this now all I need a preferable map (not fallout_pe ( a finished map

  12. ScaryCherrie6 says:

    Turn husks into big tough ones. Also pls make a gun add on that goes with this

  13. Mr. Meeno says:

    Ooh we got another wrestler. Hardly see wrestlers online. Cool. Btw pretty cool add on. Maybe could combine with that gun add on uploaded recently

  14. Sirconol says:

    Not enough explosions.

  15. Hggd says:

    Its a bad addon. There are more challenging addons. IDEA STEALER FROM ALL THE OTHER CREATORS OF APOCOLYPSE ADDON!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Deadpan says:

    Fallout PE map? It looks like it (I haven’t downloaded it, I just know because of the pictures.)

  17. YouMadBro says:

    I think it’s fun and me and my sis and brother we play minecraft and we made an map and we use this addon and make survival challenges I really love it so dose my fam

  18. YouMadBro says:

    Sorry I forgot to rate

  19. YouMadBro says:

    Map you where using bro and also epic addon 10/10

  20. Troll_Crafter says:

    Map name?

  21. ElitePlasmaBot says:

    This add-on is amazing!!!

  22. Ethan says:

    It is great.

  23. Eduardo says:

    Something you could add is the zombies to drop ammo for weapons and a weapon of course and also the zombies should drop food since nowe the animalsame don’t spawn

    • Sirconol says:

      Animals do spawn. They are just rare. In play testing I found enough animals to feed myself for awhile. If zombies dropped weapons it would make it way too easy. I needed to nerf zombies a little so the player could start out to get wood and food. Rotten Flesh also acts as a temporary food source as well.

  24. nikomcfly says:

    This looks great and challenging

    • Sirconol says:

      Give it a try for yourself, it is challenging especially if you’re starting from scratch with no items. I may get my friends over and do a zombie apocalypse survival together. They don’t like additional challenge but I can “surprise” them with it.

  25. A person who likes Minigames alot says:

    I don’t like it how the zombies get debuffs… maybe add much more buffs and maybe I’ll get the addons ;D

  26. Cole says:

    It simply doesn’t work. Help.

  27. England is My City😂😂 says:

    No Guns or other features?? Just upgrade the mobs?? oke..

  28. Carl says:

    Tell me the world Link McWorld Not zip

    • soggy says:

      who knows i skipped down to the comment section to see if anyone asked a stupid question like
      “Tell me the world Link McWorld Not zip”

  29. Eduardo says:

    I’ve been looking for so long for a good apocalypse addon. finally you brought it to the world

  30. Del1r1ousGam1ng says:

    What is the map in the screenshots?

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