Abandoned House [Parkour] [Puzzle]

The Abandoned House is a parkour and puzzle map where you have to put your intelligence to a test. The only given clues are the ones written the few signs which can be found at some different locations throughout the map. Besides that you are left completely on your own. If you enjoy parkour and new challenges then this map is suitable for you.

Creator: JohnVs, Twitter Account

Make sure to put difficulty on before starting because there are a couple of mob spawners around the map. You are given weapons once spawning in the world to defend yourself.

abandonedhouse1 abandonedhouse2download

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  1. DimondEmrald says:


  2. Ember says:

    Hmm…. looks interesting.

  3. Devin says:

    Am i allowed to break blocks

  4. MinecraftDaiDai says:

    Can transport to China’s Tieba?

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