Abandoned Project [Survival]

The Abandoned Project is a survival map strictly made by hand. It features many challenges which you are to challenge yourself in. Jump from block to block to burning yourself in the lava, swim through tunnels of water and climb high walls are just a few of the dangerous things you’ll have to do in order to finish the map.


Suddenly you wake up. You turn around to your left and right to try and understand what you are doing sleeping underneath a tree crown in Bedrock Glowstone Biome. For a long while you sit at the spot where you were sleeping but you can’t recall how you got there.

Instead you decide to go for a walk and what you find next is a little house. Next you decide to approach it, peeking inside the windows, but you can’t see anything. You knock on the door a few times and after what feels like forever finally an old man whose name apparently is Ben (which you learn later) opens.

Ben explains to you that you must finish the challenges given to him by the Scientist, only then will he help you escape. You settle on the agreement and start..

Creator: GhostXCraft


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